Frumar (or Frumarius) (died 464) was a Suevic warlord who succeeded Maldras (who was assassinated in February 460), as leader of the Suevic group then raiding Lusitania.[1] He probably competed with Rechimund, the Suevic war leader in Galicia, for the throne until his death.[1]

In 460, by the action of two Roman nobles, Ospinio and Ascanius, the Visigothic army harassing Frumar's Sueves was caused to retreat.[2] Later that same year Frumar ravaged the town of Aquae Flaviae with the complicity of the Romans.[3] He captured the bishop and chronicler Hydatius, holding him prisoner for three months before releasing, against the pleas of Ospinio and Ascanius.[1][2] The Hispano-Roman nobility of western Iberia was becoming accommodated to Suevic rule.


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