Françoise Aron Ulam

Françoise Aron Ulam
Born Françoise Aron
(1918-03-08)March 8, 1918
Paris, France
Died April 30, 2011(2011-04-30) (aged 93)
Santa Fe, New Mexico
Occupation Writer
Spouse(s) Stanislaw Ulam
Children Claire Anne Weiner (née Ulam)
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Claire Ulam at MANIAC panel, 1955 Science Photo Library C024/0659

Françoise Aron Ulam was the wife of Polish-American mathematician, Stanislaw Ulam. Born March 8, 1918, in Paris, France. In 1939, she came to the United States as an exchange student. She studied at Mills College and Mount Holyoke College, earning a Master's degree in Comparative Literature.

In 1941 she met Stanislaw Ulam. In 1943, the Ulams moved from Los Alamos to Santa Fe following Stanislaw's involvement in the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos at its inception.

In Los Alamos, Francoise became part of the international community of scientists and mathematicians during the Atomic Age. Like many of the Manhattan Project wives, initially she knew very little about the purpose of the "Gadget," as the bomb was known at the time. She devoted herself to creating a home and raising a baby in the American Southwest, developing a taste for computers, yoga and feldenkrais.

In 1984, when her husband died, Françoise arranged for Santa Fe Institute to receive Stanislaw Ulam's library.

On April 30, 2011, Françoise died at El Castillo, aged 93. Françoise was buried in Paris.[1][2]


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