Fox Sports Asia

Fox Sports Asia
Launched FOX Sports:
28 January 2013 (2013-01-28)
FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports 3:
15 August 2014 (2014-08-15)
Network Fox Networks Group
Owned by 21st Century Fox (through Fox Networks Group)
Picture format 576i 16:9 (SDTV)
1080i (HDTV)
Slogan We Are Fox Sports (2013-2014)
Where Sport Goes Boom! (2014-2016)
Broadcast area Hong Kong (channel based in Asia Pacific available: Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, Brunei Darussalam, Guam, Korea Republic, Laos, Micronesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Macau, Japan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mongolia and Papua New Guinea)
Headquarters Corporate office: 13/F One Harbourfront, 18 Tak Fung Street, Hunghom, Kowloon City District, Kowloon, Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong
Studios and production facility: Fusionopolis, Singapore
Formerly called Fox Sports 3:
Fox Sports Plus HD (2013-2014)
Replaced Fox Sports:
Fox Sports 2:
Star Sports
Fox Sports 3:
Sister channel(s) Star Chinese Movies
Fox Life
Fox Crime
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Channel V
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DVB-T2 Nexmedia (Indonesia) Channel 601 (FOX Sports)
Channel 602 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 606 (FOX Sports 3)
Astro (Malaysia) Channel 812 (FOX Sports)
Channel 813 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 818 (FOX Sports 3)
Channel 832 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 829 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 830 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Transvision (Indonesia) Channel 911 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 912 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 913 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Indovision (Indonesia) Channel 301 (FOX Sports)
Channel 302 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 303 (FOX Sports 3)
Channel 421 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 422 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
OkeVision (Indonesia) Channel 72 (FOX Sports)
Channel 71 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 73 (FOX Sports 3)
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel 680 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 689 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 690 (FOX Sports 3)
G Sat (Philippines) Channel 163 (Fox Sports SD)
Channel 164 (Fox Sports 2 SD)
Channel 176 (Fox Sports HD)
Channel 177 (Fox Sports 3 HD)
Cignal (Philippines) Channel 263 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 265 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 92 (Fox Sports 3 SD)
Channel 93 (Fox Sports 2 SD)
K+ (Vietnam) Channel 56 (SD)
Channel 74 (HD)
VTC Digital (Vietnam) Channel 60 (SD)
Channel 27 (HD)
BiG TV (Indonesia) Channel 983 (FOX Sports SD)
Channel 991 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Channel 993 (FOX Sports 3 SD)
SKYNET DTH (Myanmar) Channel 56 (FOX Sports)
Channel 57 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 58 (FOX Sports 3)
TransVision (Indonesia) Channel 901 (FOX Sports )
Channel 902 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 903 (FOX Sports 3)
Top TV (Indonesia) Channel 302
First Media (Indonesia) Channel 157 (Fox Sports)
Channel 158 (Fox Sports 2)
Channel 314 (Fox Sports HD)
Channel 315 (Fox Sports 2 HD)
Channel 316 (Fox Sports 3 HD)
SCTV (Vietnam) Channel 49 (SD - Analog)
Channel 1 (SD - Digital)
Channel 3 (HD)
VTVcab (Vietnam) Channel 63 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 64 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
HTVC (Vietnam) Channel 26 (SD)
Channel 10 (HD)
Jogja Medianet (Indonesia) Channel 17
SkyCable / Destiny Cable (Philippines) Channel 31 (FOX Sports SD - Digital)
Channel 32 (FOX Sports 2 SD - Digital)
Channel 140 (FOX Sports 3 SD - Digital)
Channel 176 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Channel 253 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 254 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Pioneer Cable Vision Inc. (PCVI) (Baybay City, Leyte, Philippines) Channel 29 (FOX Sports SD)
Channel 32 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Cablelink (Philippines) Channel 55 (FOX Sports SD)
Channel 56 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Channel 353 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 354 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 355 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Cable Star Iloilo (Iloilo City) Channel 36
Kalibo Cable (Kalibo, Aklan) Channel 35
SPC-New World Cable TV (San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan) Channel 30 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Channel 31 (FOX Sports SD)
Parasat Cable TV (Cagayan De Oro City) Channel 32
USATV (Dagupan City, Pangasinan) Channel 20
StarHub TV (Singapore) Channel 208 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 209 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 210 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Mostly services (Taiwan) Channel 73 (FOX Sports)
Channel 74 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Check local listings (FOX Sports 3 HD)
TrueVisions (Thailand) Channel 680 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 689 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 690 (FOX Sports 3)
Macau Cable TV (Macau) Channel 30 (Fox Sports HD)
Channel 31 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 32 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Cable TV Hong Kong (Hong Kong) Channel 611 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 612 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 613 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Channel 651 (FOX Sports SD)
Channel 652 (FOX Sports 2 SD)
Channel 653 (FOX Sports 3 SD)
now TV (Hong Kong) Channel 670 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 671 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 672 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
IndosatM2 (Indonesia) Channel 232
Singtel TV (Singapore) Channel 114 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 115 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 116 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
M2V Mobile TV (Indonesia) Channel 17
MOD (Taiwan) Channel 211 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
Unifi TV (Malaysia) Channel 706 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 707 (FOX Sports 2 HD)
Channel 708 (FOX Sports 3 HD)
AIS Play / AIS Playbox (Thailand) Channel 300 (FOX Sports HD)
Channel 301 (FOX Sports 2)
Channel 302 (FOX Sports 3)
Streaming media
Fox Sports Play Fox Sports Play
FOX+ Check your local mobile provider for streaming availability

FOX Sports Asia is a cable sports network owned by FOX Networks Group and based in Asia. It is available in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and other Asian territories.


On 28 January 2013, ESPN Asia was rebranded into FOX Sports Asia after News Corporation acquired 50% stake of ESPN STAR Sports venture from its former co-owner ESPN International.[1][2]

In addition, FOX Sports Plus HD replaced ESPN HD and FOX Sports News replaced ESPNews.

On 15 August 2014, STAR Sports and FOX Sports Plus HD were rebranded as FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports 3, respectively.

On 12 October 2017, 5 years after ESPN brand in Philippine territory was on hiatus after it was replaced with Fox Sports Asia, Philippine TV network TV5 announced that it had reached a partnership with ESPN International to re-brand Sports 5 as ESPN 5; the re-branding took effect the next day. The partnership marked the return of the ESPN brand to the country since the replacement of ESPN Philippines with Fox Sports Asia.

Fox Sports Asia channels

Channel Replace Available in
FOX Sports Hong Kong ESPN Hong Kong
FOX Sports Malaysia Star Sports Malaysia
FOX Sports Philippines ESPN Philippines
FOX Sports Singapore ESPN Singapore.
FOX Sports Taiwan ESPN Taiwan
FOX Sports Vietnam ESPN Vietnam
FOX Sports 2 Asia STAR Sports except in Japan, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Maldives American Samoa, Cambodia, Cook Islands, East Timor, French Polynesia, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Micronesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nauru, New Caledonia, Niue, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Pitcairn Islands, Samoa, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Thailand, Tokelau, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Vietnam and Wallis & Futuna.
FOX Sports 2 Malaysia ESPN Brunei and Malaysia.
FOX Sports 2 Taiwan STAR Sports Taiwan
FOX Sports 3 Asia ESPN HD; formerly FOX Sports Plus HD All except China & Japan.
FOX Sports 3 HD Taiwan ESPN HD Taiwan; formerly FOX Sports Plus HD Taiwan Taiwan
JTBC Fox Sports STAR Sports Korea South Korea

Programs broadcast by FOX Sports Asia

Broadcast rights for various sports properties contain territorial limitations and in a lot of instances, the rights indicated below may not pertain to all territories in which FOX Sports Asia operates.

American Football




  • Versus
  • World Boxing Matches

Bull Riding

Extreme sports




Mixed Martial Arts


Rugby Football



  • FOX Sports Minute (only for the Philippines)


  • The G.O.A.T. (only for the Philippines)
  • Full Throttle (only for the Philippines)
  • Special Force 2 Pro League
  • FOX Sports FC
  • 2 Wheels
  • Chequered Flag
  • The John Dykes Show
  • Sport Confidential
  • International Motorsports News
  • Gilette World of Sports
  • WWE Raw (only for the Philippines)

FOX Sports Asia Personalities

FOX Sports Asia Program Alert

When The alert will show
The live programme overrun and the next scheduled is not a live event Due to this live programme overrunning, the next scheduled programme may be delayed or cancelled. Please stay tuned. (for most overrunning)
The scheduled programme has been delayed due to prior live programme overrunning. Please stay tuned. (Sometimes)
The scheduled programme has been cancelled due to prior live programme overrunning. We apologize for inconvience caused. (Sometimes)
Sometimes the alert can on after the previous live programme ends.
The live programme overrun and the next scheduled is a live event again The next scheduled live event will immediately follow the conclusion of the programme. Please stay tuned.
The live programme has concluded earlier The scheduled live programme has concluded earlier. Please enjoy the programme instead.
The live programme is at halftime break Coming up, 2nd half of the match.
The live programme is currently a weather delay Due to inclement weather, the scheduled programme has been delayed.
The programme has technical difficulties Due to technical difficulties, the scheduled programme has been cancelled.
The live programme have audio/video are inherent source Audio/video as received.
The live programme starts but is still not ready The scheduled live programme has been delayed. Please stay tuned.
The programme are now join in We now join the programme in progress.

FOX Sports new alert Format: The alert will show for 20 seconds.

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