Former Presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club and Chairs of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats

This is a list of presidents of Cambridge University Liberal Club, and its successor organisation, the present-day Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats. Founded in 1886, it is the oldest of the party political clubs at the University of Cambridge.

Presidents and Chairmen of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1886–1971

TermCU Liberal Club PresidentCollegeCU Liberal Club chairmanCollege
1886-7The Rt. Hon. William Ewart Gladstone MP, MA (Oxon), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), DL, FRS, FSSChrist Church, OxfordThe Hon. and Rev. Arthur T. Lyttelton MA (Cantab)Selwyn
1887-8The Rt. Hon. Sir George Otto Trevelyan MP, MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), DL, BtTrinityThe Hon. and Rev. Arthur T. Lyttelton MA (Cantab) (resigned 19 November 1887)
Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab) (elected 25 November 1887)
1888-9The Rt. Hon. John Spencer, 5th Earl Spencer KG, MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon)TrinityDr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab)Trinity
1889–90Sir Charles Russell MP, MA (Dublin), GCMG. QCTrinity, DublinMatthew M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
1890-1Prof. James Bryce MP, BA (Glasgow), MA (Oxon), LLD (Cantab), DCL (Oxon), FRS, FBATrinity, OxfordDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1891-2The Rt. Hon. Sir William Harcourt MP, MA (Cantab), FRS, QCTrinityDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1892-3The Rt. Hon. George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon KG, GCSI, CIE, DL, JP, DCL (Oxon)Dr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1893-4The Rt. Hon. H. H. Fowler MP, DL, JPDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1894-5The Rt. Hon. Archibald Primrose, 5th Earl of Rosebery KG, MA (Oxon)Christ Church, OxfordDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1895-6The Rt. Hon. H. H. Asquith MP, QC, BA (Oxon)Balliol, OxfordDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1896-7The Rt. Hon. Robert Crewe-Milnes, 1st Earl of Crewe, MA (Cantab), FSATrinityDr. Arthur W. Verrall MA (Cantab), LittD (Dublin)Trinity
1897-8Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab)TrinityFrom Michaelmas 1897, the roles of President and chairman were merged.
1898-9Dr. Henry Jackson MA (Cantab), LittD (Cantab)Trinity
1899–1900Matthew M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
1900-1Matthew M. Pattison Muir MA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
1901-2Dr. Donald MacAlister MA (Cantab), MD (Cantab)St. John's
1902-3The Hon. Edwin Montagu BA (Cantab)Trinity
1903-4Michael F.J. McDonnellSt. John's
1904-5John Maynard Keynes BA (Cantab)King's
1905-6John Kenneth MozleyPembroke
1906-7Dr. Donald MacAlister MA (Cantab), MD (Cantab) (resigned)
John Tresidder Sheppard
St. John's
1907-8John Tresidder SheppardKing's
1908-9Ernest EvansTrinity Hall
1909–10G.E. Toulmin (resigned)
Geoffrey I.C. Marchand
St. John's
1910-1Dennis Holme RobertsonTrinity
1911-2William A.C. BrookeKing's
1912-3Hubert Douglas HendersonEmmanuel
1913-4John Tresidder Sheppard MA (Cantab)King's
1914-5Philip VosGonville and Caius
1915-6Louis A. Abraham (resigned, Michaelmas 1915)
Dr. Henry Bond BA (Lond), MA (Cantab), LLD (Cantab)
Trinity Hall
1916-9From March 1916 until the start of Michaelmas 1919 the society was dormant as part of the World War I political truce.
1919–20Sydney Cope MorganTrinity
1920-1Gilbert Granville SharpFitzwilliam Hall
1921-2W. Leslie RuncimanTrinity
1922-3W. D. Johnston (resigned, 12/1922)
T. Graeme N. Haldane
1923-4Archibald P. MarshallGonville and Caius
1924-5Charles Albert BeaumontJesus
1925-6John A. Benn (resigned 23 October 1925)

John Selwyn Brooke Lloyd (resigned, 25 February 1926)
A. Michael Ramsey
Gonville and Caius
1926-7A. Michael Ramsey (resigned, 12/1926)
Robert E. Stevenson
St. John's
1927-8Hugh M. FootSt. John's
1928-9Henry John SinclairTrinity
1929–30Kenneth AdamSt. John's
1930-1Robert E. SwartwoutTrinity
1931-2Ralph Kilner BrownTrinity Hall
1932-3John G. WalkerQueens'
1933-4Emlyn Hugh Garner Evans (resigned)
D.L. Gregory
Gonville and Caius
St. John's
1934-5B.D.G. LittleJesus
1935-6E.R. MurphyFitzwilliam House
1936-7J.N. EmerySt. John's
1937-8W. Douglas MaylorEmmanuel
1938-9Douglas B. Law (resigned 12/1938)
Richard S. Wainwright
1939–40Robert Raymond PittamPembroke
1940-1M. LythClare
1941-2Harold B. DunkerleyKing's
1942-3Ralph S. TaylorSt. Catharine's
1943-4D.D. GoldbergChrist's
1944-5D.D. GoldbergChrist's
1945-6D.D. Goldberg (resigned 19 November 1945)
Philip M. Syrett
Michaelmas 1946Eric E. WilliamsonChrist's
Lent 1947James D. PriestmanChrist's
Easter 1947James D. PriestmanChrist's
Michaelmas 1947Paul Curtis-BennettChrist's
Lent 1948M.S. CroftonTrinity
Easter 1948Glyn Tegai HughesCorpus Christi
Michaelmas 1948Glyn Tegai Hughes (resigned)
Alan Youd
Corpus Christi
Lent 1949Alan YoudChrist's
Easter 1949Thomas Grenville JonesSt. Catharine's
Michaelmas 1949M.C. McCormackEmmanuel
Lent 1950Ronald G. WaterhouseSt. John's
Easter 1950Hugh G.E. ThomasQueens'
Michaelmas 1950T. Glynn JonesDowning
Lent 1951F. Bernard SelbySidney Sussex
Easter 1951Edmund Patrick T. CramptonSt. Catharine's
Michaelmas 1951D.J. McGuiganSt. Catharine's
Lent 1952Michael B. SextonSidney Sussex
Easter 1952D.G. ValentineTrinity
Michaelmas 1952Derick MirfinMagdalene
Lent 1953Michael AndersonEmmanuel
Easter 1953J.A. "Tom" WelshEmmanuel
Michaelmas 1953Richard Gillachrist MooreTrinity
Lent 1954Evelyn Algernon Valentine EbsworthKing's
Easter 1954Sally P. RandallNewnham
Michaelmas 1954D.V. Thomas (election invalided)
Thomas G. C. M. Taylour, Earl of Bective
Lent 1955Timothy JoyceClare
Easter 1955William F.J. RitchieTrinity
Michaelmas 1955Martin D. RosenheadSt. John's
Lent 1956G. Fred BilsonSidney Sussex
Easter 1956Peter R. WilliamsSidney Sussex
Michaelmas 1956Fred TiffinFitzwilliam House
Lent 1957Malcolm W. BallinSelwyn
Easter 1957F. Clifford GermanSt. John's
Michaelmas 1957Roger N. StrakerJesus
Lent 1958Jennifer PlattNewnham
Easter 1958John ParkinsonPeterhouse
Michaelmas 1958Anthony A. StowellTrinity
Lent 1959Ian Grahame ParkQueens'
Easter 1959Anthony H. ExtanceFitzwilliam House
Michaelmas 1959Peter A.R. CalvertQueens'
Lent 1960David E. LeaChrist's
Easter 1960David GaineGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1960Anne DombNewnham
Lent 1961Barry N. WelchQueens'
Easter 1961Peter H.M. CooperSelwyn
Michaelmas 1961Pierre "Peter" Landell-MillsTrinity
Lent 1962Roger HarcourtMagdalene
Easter 1962William J. L. WallaceKing's
Michaelmas 1962David C. HowieCorpus Christi
Lent 1963Alan J. WatsonJesus
Easter 1963Richard McAllisterGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1963Barry F. GirlingTrinity Hall
Lent 1964Christopher M. MasonMagdalene
Easter 1964J. Vincent Cable (elected, but did not serve)
Jon Green
Fitzwilliam House
Michaelmas 1964Claire TarjanSidney Sussex
Lent 1965Claire TarjanSidney Sussex
Easter 1965Claire TarjanSidney Sussex
Michaelmas 1965Malcolm MacCallumKing's
Lent 1966Tim Upton?
Easter 1966Peter JohnsonFitzwilliam
Michaelmas 1966Paul OdgersTrinity
Lent 1967David W. RadfordSelwyn
Easter 1967Rosalind JohnstonNewnham
Michaelmas 1967Peter M. WorboysSelwyn
Lent 1968Brian M. LomaxPembroke
Easter 1968Robert K. HomeSt. Catharine's
Michaelmas 1968Janice Lennon (née Gupta)New Hall
Lent 1969David MezzettiJesus
Easter 1969David WhiteGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1969Richard H. ShearmanDowning
Lent 1970Stephen MasonGonville and Caius
Easter 1970??
Michaelmas 1970Tim A. JonesJesus
Lent 1971Andrew GoreGonville and Caius
Easter 1971Malcolm John HaynesChrist's

Chairs of Cambridge University Liberal Club, 1971–1988; and presidents of Cambridge University Social Democrats, 1981–1988

In Michaelmas 1971, the role of President was renamed Chair.

In Michaelmas 1981, Cambridge University Social Democrats was formed, as the Cambridge student branch of the SDP. With the Liberals and SDP in alliance nationally, the two societies remained independent, but shared close links, hosted joint events, and put up joint slates of candidates in CSU elections.

TermCU Liberal Club ChairCollege
Michaelmas 1971Peter HarveyQueens'
Lent 1972John R. WatsonJesus
Easter 1972M. John HaynesChrist's
Michaelmas 1972John HughesChurchill
Lent 1973George BinneyPeterhouse
Easter 1973M.J. DobsonSt. Catharine's
Michaelmas 1973Richard GreenDowning
Lent 1974A. Sandy B. Walkington (Co-Chair)
M.J. Dobson (Co-Chair)
Trinity Hall
St. Catharine's
Easter 1974Roger KarnTrinity
Michaelmas 1974Roger KarnTrinity
Lent 1975J. Dobson?
Easter 1975Richard J. AllanachGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1975Andrew P.V. LeePeterhouse
Lent 1976Michael HartEmmanuel
Easter 1976Andrew M. VosJesus
Michaelmas 1976Martin GarsideDowning
Lent 1977Chris E. WildingTrinity
Easter 1977Phil JohnDowning
Michaelmas 1977Chris Locke (Co-Chair)
Max King (Co-Chair)
Lent 1978Campbell GordonTrinity
Easter 1978Philip K. GibbsSt. John's
Michaelmas 1978Caroline BakerNewnham
Lent 1979David CooperEmmanuel
Easter 1979Alan NewmanPeterhouse
Michaelmas 1979Vaughan EmsleyPeterhouse
Lent 1980Simon WalesCorpus Christi
Easter 1980Jon HuntSt. John's
Michaelmas 1980Cathy Seddon-ParrHomerton
Lent 1981James GreenburyGonville and Caius
Easter 1981David CapronPeterhouse
TermCU Liberal Club ChairCollegeCU Social Democrats PresidentCollege
Michaelmas 1981Nicholas HolgateTrinityTimothy Brittain-CatlinTrinity
Lent 1982Nigel HowlettKing'sTimothy Brittain-CatlinTrinity
Easter 1982David PatonMagdaleneTimothy Brittain-CatlinTrinity
Michaelmas 1982Chris Grant (resigned)
Nigel Howlett
Paul JessopTrinity Hall
Lent 1983Ian BondEmmanuelTim CurtisSt. John's
Easter 1983Alan BeggsChrist'sMunro PriceGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1983Malcolm BainesSelwynMunro PriceGonville and Caius
Lent 1984Chris ReadPeterhouseElizabeth TaylorSidney Sussex
Easter 1984Don McBeyMagdaleneAnn KaneGirton
Michaelmas 1984Stephen PallisterDowningDiana FranceGirton
Lent 1985Andy LoaderChrist'sPeter J.W. GoldenMagdalene
Easter 1985Louis BezodisSt. Catharine'sR. Rory GrahamMagdalene
Michaelmas 1985Martin PierceJesusR. Rory GrahamMagdalene
Lent 1986Kate ArnheimSt. Catharine'sSimon GlynnTrinity
Easter 1986Sam TulleyRobinsonJamie MurraySt. John's
Michaelmas 1986Andy ThomasPeterhouseKate CohenSt. John's
Lent 1987Michelle CridgeSt. Catharine'sKate CohenSt. John's
Easter 1987????Greg D. ClarkMagdalene
Michaelmas 1987Jane WheelerQueens'Greg D. ClarkMagdalene
Lent 1988Kathryn RobinsonNew HallRobert ChoteQueens'

Chairs of Cambridge University Social and Liberal Democrats, 1988

In Easter 1988, Cambridge University Liberal Club and Cambridge University Social Democrats merged to form Cambridge University Social and Liberal Democrats.

TermCU Social and Liberal Democrats ChairCollege
Easter 1988Lee BerridgeClare
Michaelmas 1988Robert ChoteQueens'

Chairs of Cambridge University Liberal Democrats, 1989–90

In Lent 1989, Cambridge University Social and Liberal Democrats shortened their name to Cambridge University Liberal Democrats, in line with the national party.

TermCU Liberal Democrats ChairCollege
Lent 1989Jason ArramFitzwilliam
Easter 1989Stephen WardeSt Catharine's
Michaelmas 1989Stephen WardeSt Catharine's
Lent 1990Nicholas WhyteClare
Easter 1990Kevin WilkinsQueens'
Michaelmas 1990Kevin WilkinsQueens'

Chairs of Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, 1991–2017

In Lent 1991, Cambridge University Liberal Democrats changed their name to Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats, as they expanded to include the Cambridge campus of the city's new Anglia Polytechnic (now Anglia Ruskin University).

TermCambridge Student Liberal Democrats ChairCollege
Lent 1991Alistair Lees?
Easter 1991David AbrahamsQueens'
Michaelmas 1991David AbrahamsQueens'
Lent 1992David AbrahamsQueens'
Easter 1992??
Michaelmas 1992??
Lent 1993Eduardo ReyesClare
Easter 1993Eduardo ReyesClare
Michaelmas 1993Daniel ElkelesPembroke
Lent 1994Daniel ElkelesPembroke
Easter 1994Daniel ElkelesPembroke
Michaelmas 1994Anna de ChassironGonville and Caius
Lent 1995Donna Maria Coleston (resigned)
Anna de Chassiron
New Hall
Gonville and Caius
Easter 1995Anna de ChassironGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1995A. Havard M. HughesSt. John's
Lent 1996Jon MaySt. John's
Easter 1996Tanya SheridanGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 1996Tanya Sheridan (Acting Chair)Gonville and Caius
Lent 1997Tanya Sheridan (Acting Chair - resigned 25 February 1997)
Katherine Kirkham
Gonville and Caius
Trinity Hall
Easter 1997Katherine KirkhamTrinity Hall
Michaelmas 1997Alex MarthewsSt. John's
Lent 1998Julian L. HuppertTrinity
Easter 1998Julian L. HuppertTrinity
Michaelmas 1998Chris LomaxCorpus Christi
Lent 1999Chris LomaxCorpus Christi
Easter 1999Chris LomaxCorpus Christi
Michaelmas 1999Chris LomaxCorpus Christi
Lent 2000Jonathan R. Monroe (resigned)
Chris Keating
St. John's
Easter 2000Chris KeatingSt. John's
Michaelmas 2000Chris KeatingSt. John's
Lent 2001Chris KeatingSt. John's
Easter 2001Emma JonesNew Hall
Michaelmas 2001Emma JonesNew Hall
Lent 2002Simon W. RadfordPeterhouse
Easter 2002Simon W. RadfordPeterhouse
Michaelmas 2002Simon W. RadfordPeterhouse
Lent 2003Simon W. RadfordPeterhouse
Easter 2003Simon W. RadfordPeterhouse
Michaelmas 2003Jonathan R. MonroeTrinity
Lent 2004Benjamin RammSt. Catharine's
Easter 2004Mark C. GettlesonKing's
Michaelmas 2004Mark C. GettlesonKing's
Lent 2005Mark C. GettlesonKing's
Easter 2005Mark C. Gettleson (term of office expired 05/2005)
Seth R. Alexander Thévoz
Michaelmas 2005Seth R. Alexander ThévozClare
Lent 2006Sam J. DennisPeterhouse
Easter 2006Sam J. Dennis (term of office expired 05/2006)
Luke Gardiner
Corpus Christi
Michaelmas 2006Luke GardinerCorpus Christi
Lent 2007Henry P. VannGonville and Caius
Easter 2007Henry P. Vann (term of office expired 05/2007)
Duncan Crowe
Gonville and Caius
Sidney Sussex
Michaelmas 2007Duncan CroweSidney Sussex
Lent 2008Duncan CroweSidney Sussex
Easter 2008Duncan Crowe (term of office expired 05/2008)
Joe Rinaldi Johnson
Sidney Sussex
Michaelmas 2008Joe Rinaldi JohnsonHomerton
Lent 2009Joe Rinaldi JohnsonHomerton
Easter 2009Joe Rinaldi Johnson (term of office expired 05/2009)
Dom Weldon
Sidney Sussex
Michaelmas 2009Dom WeldonSidney Sussex
Lent 2010Dom WeldonSidney Sussex
Easter 2010Dom Weldon (term of office expired 05/2010)
Hannah E. Keal
Sidney Sussex
Gonville and Caius
Michaelmas 2010Hannah E. KealGonville and Caius
Lent 2011Hannah E. KealGonville and Caius
Easter 2011Hannah E. Keal (term of office expired 05/2011)
Ieva Lismane
Gonville and Caius
Murray Edwards
Michaelmas 2011Ieva LismaneMurray Edwards
Lent 2012Ieva LismaneMurray Edwards
Easter 2012Anthony W. Martinelli BA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
Michaelmas 2012Anthony W. Martinelli BA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
Lent 2013Anthony W. Martinelli BA (Cantab)Gonville and Caius
Easter 2013Fergus A. BlairGonville and Caius
Michaelmas 2013Fergus A. BlairGonville and Caius
Lent 2014Fergus A. BlairGonville and Caius
Easter 2014Reece A. EdmendsKing's
Michaelmas 2014Reece A. EdmendsKing's
Lent 2015Reece A. EdmendsKing's
Easter 2015Nomi FarhiKing's
Michaelmas 2015Nomi FarhiKing's
Lent 2016Nomi FarhiKing's
Easter 2016Sophie BellSelwyn
Michaelmas 2016Sophie BellSelwyn
Lent 2017Sophie BellSelwyn
Easter 2017William E. SmartPeterhouse

Chairs of Cambridge University Liberal Association, 2017–present

In Easter 2017, Cambridge Student Liberal Democrats changed their name to Cambridge University Liberal Association.

TermCambridge University Liberal Association ChairCollege
Michaelmas 2017William E. SmartPeterhouse
Lent 2018 William E. Smart Peterhouse
Easter 2018 Gabriel B. Barton-Singer Trinity

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