Football Federation of Macedonia

Football Federation of Macedonia
Founded 1926/1948
FIFA affiliation 1926/1994
UEFA affiliation 1954/1994
President Ilcho Gjorgioski

The Football Federation of Macedonia (Macedonian: Фудбалска Федерација на Македонија / Fudbalska Federacija na Makedonija or ФФМ/FFM) is the governing body of football in the Republic of Macedonia based in Skopje. It was founded in 1926 and is currently headed by Ilčo Gjorgioski.


Macedonian Soccer Association was formed on 18 December 1926 on the founding general assembly that was held in the "Unknown Fallen Hero" restaurant in the city of Skopje. FFM was officially formed again after the World War II on 14 August 1949 in Skopje (after the end of World War Two, the first football department was established as a part of sport association of the city of Skopje, the football section is separated on 16 August 1948). From 1949 to 2002, it was called the Football Association of Macedonia (Macedonian: Фудбалски Сојуз на Македонија / Fudbalski Sojuz na Makedonija or ФСМ/FSM). The first ever president was Ljubisav Ivanov - Dzingo.[1]Andon Dončevski was appointed by FFM as the first ever coach of the Macedonia national team.


The Macedonian flag on top behind a yellow background. Below, a blue crest with the yellow FFM Cyrillic letters above a football.

On 22 March 2014, the FFM launched a new crest.[2]


It operates these codes:


Position Name Nationality
President Ilcho Gjorgioski  Macedonian
Vice President Kenan Idrizi  Macedonian
General Secretary Igor Klimper  Macedonian
Match Commissioner Vasko Dojchinovski  Macedonian
Referee Coordinator Emil Bozhinovski  Macedonian


President Years in power
Ljubisav Ivanov-Dzingo1993–1999
Lambe Arnaudov1999–2002
Haralampie Hadji-Risteski2002–2012
Ilcho Gjorgioski2012–present


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