Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro

Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro
Founded 1919 (Football Association of Yugoslavia)
FIFA affiliation 1921 (Football Association of Yugoslavia)
President (none)

The Football Association of Serbia and Montenegro (Serbian: Фудбалски савез Србије и Црне Горе / Fudbalski savez Srbije i Crne Gore or ФССЦГ / FSSCG) was the governing body of football in Serbia and Montenegro, based in Belgrade. It organized the football league, the national team, the cup tournament as well as the Second Leagues of both republics.

FSSCG replaced the Football Association of Yugoslavia, which was founded in 1919. It was run exactly the same way but the name changed. In 2006, Montenegro opted to declare independence thus breaking the union with Serbia. Both countries formed new football associations accordingly:

Serbia inherited the former Yugoslavia and Serbia and Montenegro spot in UEFA and FIFA[1][2][3] while Montenegro became the newest member to join the two organizations.

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