Flavius Severianus

Flavius Severianus (died 313) was the son of the Roman Emperor Flavius Valerius Severus.

Life and execution

After his father died in 307 in Italy fighting against rival tetrarchs Maximian and Maxentius, Severus' young son Flavius Sevrianus sought refuge in the Eastern part of the empire under Galerius. When Galerius died in 311, Flavius Severianus became an obstacle for Licinius in his ambitions to rule the East and so he fled to Maximinus Daia in Asia who made him praeses (governor) of the province of Isauria. In August 313 Maximinus Daia died and Flavius Severianus lost his last protector. He fell into the hands of Licinius, who had him executed as a usurper.


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