Financial Services Commission (South Korea)

Financial Services Commission
Geumnyung Wiwonhoe
Agency overview
Formed March 3, 2008
(Financial Supervisory Commission in April 1998)
Preceding agency
  • Financial Supervisory Commission
Jurisdiction South Korean government
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Agency executives
  • Choi Jong-gu, Chairman of the Financial Services Commission
  • Kim Yong-beom, Vice Chairman
Parent agency Prime Minister
Child agency
Financial Services Commission
Hangul 금융위원회
Hanja 金融委員會
Revised Romanization Geumnyung Wiwonhoe
McCune–Reischauer Kŭmnyung Wiwŏnhoe

The Financial Services Commission (FSC), formerly Financial Supervisory Commission, is South Korean government's top financial regulator. It makes financial policies, and directs the Financial Supervisory Service.

The Financial Supervisory Commission was established in 1998. With the start of Lee Myung-bak administration, the Commission was rearranged into the Financial Services Commission; the new one took over the policy-making authority from the Finance Ministry.

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