Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
Practicing True Love in Resemblance to Heavenly Parent
Abbreviation FFWPU
Classification Christian new religious movement
Scripture Bible and Divine Principle
Leader International:
Hak Ja Han
Region Worldwide
Founder Sun Myung Moon
Origin 30 July 1996 (1996-07-30)
Washington D.C., United States
Official website FFWPU official international website

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) is a religious organization created in 1994 by Sun Myung Moon, a Korean spiritual leader, entrepreneur, activist, and peace advocate.[1][2] The FFWPU was established as a global federation of individuals, families, faiths, and organizations who would promote and support the establishment of “ideal families” as the foundation for healthy societies and a world of peace.


The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity (HSA-UWC) (sometimes called simply the Unification Church UC) and FFWPU were intended by their founder, Sun Myung Moon, to be separate entities with different organizational structures and objectives. In the early years after the formation of FFWPU, HSA-UWC leaders emphasized that the FFWPU be made clearly distinct from HSA-UWC because the former was intended to be broader and more inclusive.[3] The HSA-UWC and the FFWPU have sometimes been considered as one and the same, and some have said the apparent name change was a way to avoid controversy[4][5][6]

In 2008, when Hyung Jin Moon became the international president of the FFWPU, he changed its official name to "Unification Church". In Jin Moon renamed the FFWPU in the United States as "Lovin’ Life Ministries". After In Jin Moon's resignation and the removal of Hyung Jin Moon in 2013, Mrs. Hak Ja Han reinstated the name Family Federation for World Peace. More recently she has added the word “Shin” or “Heavenly” in front of its name, making the official title "Heavenly Korea Family Federation".[7] Hak Ja Han also changed the Family Federation for World Peace USA to the "Family Federation for a Heavenly USA".[8]



The announcement of the founding of FFWPU in 1994 came soon after the 40th anniversary of the founding of HSA-UWC (established in 1954). At the time Rev. Moon stated:

“passing from the age of HSA-UWC to the age where FFWPU has been proclaimed, a realm of unity between parent and child is possible in a true family that has not fallen and has no need for religion.”[9]

He declared that a new era that God had envisioned at the time of Creation had opened, where individuals could directly commune with God in their families, which he dubbed the "Completed Testament Age".[10][11] He stated that this 'new era' would transcend any one denomination or religion.[12] He also introduced the “Family Pledge,” which replaced HSA-UWC's “My Pledge,” emphasizing that the family was the primary place of spiritual and character development, and central to building ideal societies and world. The Family Pledge introduced concepts related to building God-centered ideal families, notably the "Three Great Kingships" (representing 3 generations of grandparents, parents, and children that represent past, present and future respectively) and the "Four Great Realms of Heart" (children's heart, brother and sister's heart, husband and wife's heart and parents' heart).[13]

Prior to this proclamation, Rev. Moon was making preparations for creating this broader social movement supporting God-centered families. In the early 90’s, Rev. Moon encouraged HSA-UWC members to move their families back to their hometowns to begin what he called “Hometown Providence,” where members should invest in enriching their local communities and families. This was a shift away from the communal living systems supported until then.

In 1992 he held the first “Blessing” ceremony that included couples who had not previously been associated with the practices and teachings of the HSA-UWC community. This would expand rapidly after the establishment of FFWPU to become a “Blessing Movement”. Requirements to qualify for the marriage ceremony were lessened. During this time, the reported numbers of couples increased to hundreds of thousands, and later to millions. The reported numbers include blessings of deceased family members, ancestors, and those who received roadside blessings distributed through “Pure Love Candy.” Scholars who have studied the development of the Unification movement have noted the significant change in Rev. Moon’s activities following the foundation of the Family Federation for World Peace from a new religious community to a larger movement centered on a set of defined values and principles.[14]

Rev. Sun Myung Moon had declared that "the period of religion is passing away" and directed his followers to "cut down" the church structure that HSA-UWC had taken on, urging them to work through the broad-based FFWPU instead. This direction caused a dilemma for many of his followers, who were accustomed to the spiritual nourishment the church gave them and who had difficulty understanding Moon's vision for reform. In media interviews in 1997, some church members expressed that they felt Rev. Moon's opening of the "Blessing" marriage rite to people of other faiths was an admission that their religion was no longer valid (in the HSA-UWC, members were required to spend 7 years fundraising and witnessing prior to receiving the Blessing).[15]

Leadership changes

The inaugural world assembly of the FFWPU was held in 1996 in Washington, D.C. with Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak as its first president. In 1998, Rev. Sun Myung Moon appointed his son Hyun Jin Moon as international vice-president of FFWPU.[16] His leadership style and proposed reforms to dismantle the church structure and create a family-based peace movement were met with resistance and accusations of being unorthodox, eventually leading to his replacement in 2008 with his younger brother, Hyung Jin Moon.[17]

Under Hyung Jin Moon's leadership FFWPU members were instructed to revert to using the name "Unification Church" and the HSA-UWC logo. Hyung Jin Moon stated that the Unification Church was "a religion in the same way that Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam are religions" and directed members to establish their identity as proud "Unificationists".[18] Sun Myung Moon's daughter In Jin Moon became head of FFWPU in the United States, and renamed it “Lovin’ Life Ministries”.[19]

After Sun Myung Moon's death in 2012, Hyung Jin Moon had a dispute with his mother and moved to Newfoundland, Pennsylvania and founded the Sanctuary Church as a separate entity from FFWPU with the support of his older brother, Kook Jin Moon.[20] Hyung Jin Moon has claimed that he is the rightful successor to Sun Myung Moon based on a coronation ceremony in 2009, [21][22] and has accused Hak Ja Han of unjustly removing him his position as the International President of FFWPU.[23][24]

Mrs. Hak Ja Han, who is referred to as "True Mother" by members, then took leadership over the FFWPU and reinstated the name Family Federation for World Peace and Unification, and also instructed the continued use of the HSA-UWC emblem and flag in local churches along with the name "FFWPU Family Church". FFWPU stated that the name change under Hyung Jin Moon's leadership was justified because 2009 was the "beginning of the era of the Unification Church, which continued side-by-side with the era of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification". The FFWPU stated that from Jan. 7, 2013 the FFWPU name should be used in accordance with Hak Ja Han's special instructions for creating "an environment for restoration encompassing all people".[25]

Hak Ja Han asked members to pray to God using the name "Heavenly Parent"[26] (as opposed to Sun Myung Moon's traditional term "Heavenly Father")[27], and instigated various other ritual and theological changes, most notably the elevation of her status as a messianic figure through the concept of the "Only Begotten Daughter."[28][29] She also made textual changes to the FFWPU's main textbook, the "Cheon Seong Gyeong," that was republished as the "Chambumo Gyeong". FFWPU officials stated that "The existing Cheon Seong Gyeong had some misquoted and duplicated parts, which True Mother was sad to see."[30][31][32] Under Hak Ja Han's leadership the FFWPU-USA is transitioning to the name "Family Federation for a Heavenly USA."[33] In 2018, Hak Ja Han said that the "Completed Testament Age" had ended with the proclamation of "Foundation Day" in 2013, with her opening the "Age of Cheon Il Guk" as the Only Begotten Daughter.[34][35]


In 2000 the FFWPU co-sponsored the Million Family March, a rally in Washington D.C to celebrate family unity and racial and religious harmony, along with the Nation of Islam.[36]Louis Farrakhan was the main speaker at the event which was held on October 16, 2000; the fifth anniversary of the Million Man March, which was also organized by Farrakhan.[37] FFWPU leader Dan Fefferman wrote to his colleagues acknowledging that Farrakhan’s and Moon’s views differed on multiple issues but shared a view of a "God-centered family".[38]

In 2001 Catholic archbishop Emmanuel Milingo and Maria Sung, a 43-year-old Korean acupuncturist, married in a FFWPU Blessing ceremony presided over by Rev. and Mrs. Moon. Following his marriage, Milingo was called to the Vatican by Pope John Paul II, where he was asked not to see his wife any more, and to move to a monastery of the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.[39] Sung went on a hunger strike to protest the separation and attracted much media attention.[40] Milingo is now an advocate of the removal of the requirement for celibacy by priests in the Catholic Church. He is the founder of the movement, Married Priests Now![41]

In 2003 about 500 Christians, Muslims, Jews and other international and interfaith tourists joined the FFWPU Middle East Peace Initiative "to such a degree that the Old Gates were opened by the Israeli police near the Wailing Wall, and by the Muslim leadership at Al Aqsa, without incident", as the official UN-report says.[42]

In 2003, the FFWPU held the Interreligious Peace Sports Festival between the people of various faiths, which is, according to the UNESCO official data, "an annual sporting event designed to build and promote friendship and peace among people from different cultural and religious backgrounds using the powerful medium of sports competition". The college team of Sun Moon University, which some described as the best in South Korea won the tournament.[43][44]

In 2003, Korean FFWPU members started a political party in South Korea, "The Party for God, Peace, Unification, and Home." An inauguration declaration stated the new party would focus on preparing for Korean reunification by educating the public about God and peace. An FFWPU official said that similar political parties would be started in Japan and the United States.[45]

In 2014 Sarah M. Lewis wrote that the FFWPU's greatest present influence comes from affiliated groups such as the Universal Peace Federation, which include non-members working for common interests and goals.[46]


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