Fakthong kaeng buat

Pumpkin in coconut cream, also known in Thai as fakthong kaeng buat (Thai: ฟักทองแกงบวด, translit. fakthǭngkǣngbūat, IPA: [fák tʰɔːŋ kɛːŋ bùːat]), is a traditional Thai sweet which has been introduced for decades. This dish is one of the most famous local sweets.

The history of fakthong kaeng buat has not been written. According to most of the researches, they give us some clue that this dish might be introduced by local people in the North Eastern of Thailand. Most people there often grow their own food since they work on their own agriculture. Another problem was that in that period of time in the past, going to the market was not an easy thing to do, their best choice would be to bring back their local food, vegetables, or fruits and start cooking from that. ( Napasorn Phrayalaw, 2012)

Pumpkin is very good for your health. It keeps your skin soft, good for your eyes, and also much more benefits. (USDA Nutrient Database, 2016) [1] [2] [3]

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