FDA Most Wanted Fugitives

The FDA Most Wanted Fugitives is a list of the top ten fugitives sought by the United States Food and Drug Administration's Office of Criminal Investigations (OCI). The OCI is responsible for the enforcement of laws related to FDA-regulated products.[1][2]

The list currently includes:[1]

Name Born Wanted for
Dushyant Mahendrabhai Patel 1958, India Falsification of medical device testing, sales of unsterile products triggering an outbreak of deadly infections
Pablo Manuel Fernandez 1959, Cuba Counterfeit drug distribution
Nuritsa Grigoryan 1955, Armenia Unlicensed medical practice, drug adulteration
Hadi Mo Ghandour 1971, Lebanon Counterfeit drug distribution
Cellou Jumaine 1965, Burundi Distribution of counterfeit toothpaste containing toxic substances
Abigail Bridgmon 1978, Philippines Counterfeit drug distribution
Bo Jiang 1978, China Counterfeit drug distribution
Stephen Mark Van Rooyen 1962, South Africa Sold untested and unlicensed stem cell treatments
Marat Shakhramanyan 1973, Azerbaijan Drug diversion, fraudulent drug distribution
Ruslan Mischinsky 1970, Ukraine Drug diversion, fraudulent drug distribution

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