European Party for Individual Liberty

European Party for Individual Liberty (EPIL)
President Roald Schoemaker
Founded 29 September 2013 (2013-09-29)
Headquarters Baarn
Ideology Libertarianism
Classical liberalism
International affiliation International Alliance of Libertarian Parties
Colours Blue, Yellow and White
European Parliament
0 / 754
European Council
(Heads of Government)
0 / 27
Council of the European Union
(Participation in Government)
0 / 27
National Upper House Seats
0 / 2,273
National Lower House Seats
0 / 7,424

The European Party for Individual Liberty (EPIL) is a libertarian European political party established in Utrecht in September 2013 by The Utrecht Declaration and Covenant of European Classical Liberal and Libertarian Parties.[1][2]

The Utrecht Declaration

Multiple political parties active in Europe have agreed on various topics which include;

  • Define themselves as classic liberal, libertarian or both, and consider themselves as part of the world movement for individual Liberty.
  • Express their support for the political views derived from classical liberalism and its further radical and libertarian evolution, as well as their appreciation for philosophical rationalism and objectivism, and the Austrian School of Economics.
  • To affirm the supremacy of individual freedom limited only by that of another person and inclusive of the full right to property, and their belief in a society based on the spontaneous order emerging from the cooperation of free citizens and their voluntary groups, under the rule of their freely entered agreements and contracts.

Member parties

Country Political party MEPs National MPs Joined
 France Liberal Democratic Party
0 / 72
0 / 577
29 September 2013
 Germany Party of Reason
0 / 99
0 / 631
29 September 2013
 Netherlands Libertarian Party
0 / 22
0 / 150
29 September 2013
 Spain Libertarian Party
0 / 50
0 / 350
29 September 2013


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