European Cup (bandy)

The European Cup is an annual bandy club competition between teams from Europe. The first edition of the tournament was held in 1974. At present (2016), the Cup has not been played since 2009, but it is not formally defunct.

The tournament has been dominated by Russia (the Soviet Union until 1991), and Sweden. Teams from those three countries have won every single tournament to date.


1974 SKA-Sverdlovsk Falu BS
1975 Dynamo Moscow Ljusdals BK
1976 Dynamo Moscow Brobergs IF
1977 Dynamo Moscow Oulun Luistinseura
1978 Dynamo Alma-Ata Edsbyns IF
1979 IF Boltic Zorky
1980 Yenisey IF Boltic
1981 IF Boltic Yenisey
1982 IF Boltic Yenisey
1983 Yenisey IF Boltic
1984 IF Boltic Yenisey
1985 IF Boltic Yenisey
1986 Yenisey Vetlanda BK
1987 Yenisey IFK Motala
1988 Yenisey HIFK
1989 Yenisey Västerås SK
1990 Västerås SK Oulun Luistinseura
1991 Vetlanda BK Yenisey
1992 Zorky Botnia-69
1993 Västerås SK Warkauden Pallo -35
1994 Västerås SK SKA-Zenit
1995 IF Boltic Sibselmash
1996 Västerås SK Vodnik
1997 Sandvikens AIK Vodnik
1998 Västerås SK Vodnik
1999not played
2000 Sandvikens AIK Vodnik
2001 Yenisey Västerås SK
2002 Vodnik Sandvikens AIK
2003 Vodnik Sandvikens AIK
2004 Vodnik Edsbyns IF
2005 Edsbyns IF Vodnik
2006 Dynamo Moscow Edsbyns IF
2007 Edsbyns IF Dynamo Moscow
2008 Dynamo Moscow Edsbyns IF
2009 Dynamo Moscow Västerås SK
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