Ethiopian constitutional referendum, 1987

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A constitutional referendum was held in Ethiopia on 1 February 1987.[1] The new constitution would make the country a one-party state with the Workers' Party of Ethiopia as the sole legal party. It was approved by 81% of voters, with a 96.3% turnout, and was promulgated on 22 February.


The ruling Workers' Party of Ethiopia established a Constitutional Commission in February 1986. In August it presented a draft constitution with 119 articles, which was modelled on the constitution of the Soviet Union and created a one-party state.[2]


Choice Votes %
Registered voters/turnout14,570,01196.3
Source: African Elections Database


The results were published on 21 February and the constitution came into force on 22 February. General elections were held on 14 June, and the country was officially renamed the People's Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on 12 September.[2]


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