Etawah Safari Park

Etawah Safari Park
Date opened 1 October 2018
Location Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates 26°46′N 78°59′E / 26.77°N 78.99°E / 26.77; 78.99Coordinates: 26°46′N 78°59′E / 26.77°N 78.99°E / 26.77; 78.99
Land area 350 hectares
No. of animals 76
No. of species 5 (lion, deer, antelope, bear and leopard)
Memberships Central Zoo Authority of India
Major exhibits Lion Safari, Deer Safari, Antelope Safari, Bear Safari, Leopard Safari

Etawah Safari Park (formerly Lion Safari Etawah) is a drive-through wildlife safari park in Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India and one of the biggest in Asia with a perimeter of 8 km.[1] The Safari is being established in an area of 350 hectares.[2] It is situated in Etawah city, which is a small city at 2 hour driving distances from Agra, about 5-hour driving distances from national capital New Delhi and about 3-hour driving distances from state capital Lucknow. It has a lion safari, a deer safari, an antelope safari, a bear safari and a leopard safari.[3] [4] It also has two Vijayanta tanks of the Indian Army along with an steam locomotive at display. It also has a 4D theatre, which gives you real closeups with wildlife.


Its construction started way back in May 2012 during the government of Akhilesh Yadav, former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, and work was done under the U.P. Housing & Development Board.[5] The wildlife officials entrusted with this project visited Longleat Safari Park, England for inspiration.

When the construction started, it was the toughest terrain to work upon. There was no flat Land, thousands of bumps. But with the immense dedication, the Team brought this project on Ground.

It was inaugurated by Yogi Adityanath during his first official visit of Etawah as Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on 1Jun 2018.[6] But it is still not open for public.[7]



Etawah Safari Park is around 5 km from Etawah Junction railway station, which lies on the Kanpur–Delhi section of Howrah–Gaya–Delhi line and Howrah–Delhi main line. The city is a stop for many trains, including Kanpur New Delhi Shatabdi Express and Lucknow Swarna Shatabdi Express.


NH 19, Agra Lucknow Expressway and NH 719 are major highways of Etawah. A network of state transport buses connect Etawah to all the major cities within the state of Uttar Pradesh and nabring states.


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