Erica Lehrer

Erica Lehrer
Born 1969 

Erica Lehrer (born 1969) is an anthropologist, curator, and academic specializing in post-Holocaust Jewish culture, museum studies, ethnography, and public scholarship. She is Associate Professor of History and Sociology/Anthropology at Concordia University, where she holds a Canada Research Chair in Museum and Heritage Studies and serves as director of the Curating and Public Scholarship Lab at Concordia University.[1][2]

She has received a B.A. from Grinnell College and M.A. and PhD degrees from the University of Michigan.[1]


  • Canada Research Chair in Museum and Heritage Studies[2]
  • Canada Research Chair in Post-Conflict Memory, Ethnography and Museology
  • Hazel D. Cole Fellowship in Jewish Studies, University of Washington[3]
  • Illinois Humanities Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign[4]

Curatorial work

In 2013, Lehrer curated "Souvenir, Talisman, Toy," an ethnographic exhibition of historical and contemporary Polish-made figurines depicting Jews, at the Ethnographic Museum of Kraków. A smaller selection of objects and media from the exhibit was on display from July 28 – August 30, 2013, at the Galicia Jewish Museum.[5][6][7][8] In 2016, she curated a new exhibition at the Galicia Jewish Museum titled "A Single Point Perspective/Punkt Zbiezny."



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