Eric Boyko

Eric Boyko
Born 1970 (age 4748)
Montreal, Quebec
Residence Montreal, Quebec
Nationality Canadian
Alma mater McGill University
Occupation Founder, president & CEO,
Stingray Digital
Years active 1991–present

Eric Boyko (born 1970)[1] is a Canadian tech entrepreneur and the founder, president and CEO of digital music provider Stingray Digital.

Early life and education

Boyko was born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, to a Quebecois mother and Ukrainian father.[2] He earned a bachelor of commerce degree from McGill University in 1992,[3] and became a certified general accountant in 1997.[4]


Campus Gourmet and

Boyko started his first business, Campus Gourmet, in 1991 at the age of 19. The company sold precooked meals to students at McGill University.[2][5] He then founded the online fundraising company Universal Fundraising Group with a $2,000 loan from the Business Development Bank of Canada.[2] It was rebranded as in 1998,[5] and sold to ZapMe in 2000 for $25 million.[6]

Stingray Digital

In 2007, Boyko and Alexandre Taillefer founded digital music provider Stingray Digital Media Group,[3] with Boyko serving as president and CEO since the company's inception.[7][8] The company sells commercial-free music streams to cable and satellite television providers to add to their subscribers' packages,[2] as well as a music streaming app and an online service for consumers and businesses.[9] Unlike many of its streaming music competitors, Stingray uses human curators rather than algorithms to generate playlists.[10] It was launched with the $6 million purchase of karaoke company Soundchoice, which was then renamed The Karaoke Channel.[2][3] A year later, Stingray purchased music-streaming TV channel Galaxie from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for $65 million, and renamed it Stingray Music.[3]

Seven years after its founding, Stingray had acquired 19 other companies.[11] The company went public on June 3, 2015, on the Toronto Stock Exchange.[1][12] As of September 2015, it has 135 million subscribers in 120 countries [13], and the company saw its revenues top the $100-million mark for the first time as of the close of their previous fiscal year in March 2017. [14] In June 2017, Stingray announced that it planned to hire an additional 400 people to work in its Montreal head office over the next five years. [15]


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