Energy in Mexico

Mexico total primary energy consumption by fuel in 2015[1]

  Coal (7%)
  Natural Gas (41%)
  Hydro (4%)
  Nuclear (1%)
  Oil (45%)
  Others (Renew.) (2%)

Energy in Mexico describes energy and electricity production, consumption and import in Mexico. Electricity sector in Mexico is the main article of electricity in Mexico.

In 2008, Mexico produced 234 TWh, from which 86 TWh are coming from thermal plant, 39 TWh from hydro-power, 18 TWh from coal, 9,8 TWh from nuclear power, 7 TWh from geothermal power and 0,255 TWh from wind power.[2] Mexico is among the top oil producers and exporters in the world.


Energy in Mexico[3]
Capita Prim. energy Production Export Electricity CO2-emission
Million TWh TWh TWh TWh Mt
Change 2004-104.1%7.6%-10.8%-49.3%20.3%11.6%
Mtoe = 11.63 TWh. Prim. energy includes energy losses

2012R = CO2 calculation criteria changed, numbers updated

Oil production

President Lázaro Cárdenas expropriated foreign oil companies in the late 1930s. Since then, Pemex, the national company produces oil in Mexico. Main fields are Chicontepec Field, Cantarell Field and Ku-Maloob-Zaap. In 2008, oil production has declined 9,2% to 3,96 millions barils a day while natural gas production increased 14,2% to 6,92 cubic feet.[4]

According to IEA Mexico was one of the top oil producers in 2009. Top oil producers in 2009 were (Mt): Russia 494 Mt (13%), Saudi Arabia 452 Mt (12%), US 320 Mt (8%), Iran 206 Mt (5%), China 194 Mt (5%), Canada 152 Mt (4%), Mexico 146 Mt (4%), Venezuela 126 Mt (3%), Kuwait 124 Mt (3%) and United Arab Emirates 120 Mt (3%).[5]

Renewable energy

Geothermal power

Mexico has the third greatest geothermal energy production with an installed capacity of 959.50 MW by December 2007. This represents 3.24% of the total electricity generated in the country.[6][7][8] Mexico is also home to the largest geothermal power stations in the world, the Cerro Prieto Geothermal Power Station.

Wind power

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