Empal gentong

pancuran daris
Empal gentong
Course main course
Place of origin Indonesia
Region or state Cirebon, West Java
Serving temperature hot
Main ingredients various beef and offal in spicy soup
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Empal gentong is a spicy curry-like beef soup originating in Cirebon, West Java. It is similar to gulai that is usually cooked with firewood in a gentong stove (Javanese for: clay pot). The ingredients include cuts of beef, and cow offal such as intestine, tripes, lungs, etc. cooked with curry-like spices in coconut milk, kucai and sambal in the form of chilli powder. Empal gentong can be eaten with steamed rice, ketupat or lontong. Empal gentong originated from Battembat village, kecamatan Tengah Tani, Cirebon regency.

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