Emirates Flight Training Academy

Emirates Flight Training Academy
Dubai South
United Arab Emirates
Type Aviation school
Opened 2017

Emirates Flight Training Academy (Arabic: أكاديمية الإمارات لتدريب الطيّارين) is a pilot-training school based in United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2017, it is a subsidiary of multinational aviation corporation, The Emirates Group. [1][2]


The school was officially opened in 2017 during Dubai Airshow and started with fleet of six training aircraft.[3] With its own private airport and campus, the school is located at the edge of Dubai World Central Airport, and will act as the dedicated training center for the country's National Cadet Pilot Programme as well as international students. [4] In 2017, the school signed an agreement with American aircraft manufacturer, Boeing for collaboration on training curriclum fo managing cadet learning and training flight operations. [4]


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