Elections in Macau

Macau elects on national level a legislature. The Legislative Assembly is made up of 33 members, of whom 14 are elected by popular vote and proportional representation, 12 elected from functional constituencies and 7 appointed by the Chief Executive.

Latest elections

Legislative Assembly election

 Summary of the 17 September 2017 Legislative Assembly of Macau election results[1]
Political affiliation
Popular votes
% of Votes
Change in
% of vote
Net change
in seats
Pro-Beijing parties
20Macau-Guangdong Union (UMG) 17,2149.971.122
16Union for Development (UPD) 16,6969.671.5021
9Macau United Citizens' Association (ACUM) - List 1 14,8798.629.4012
2Progress Promotion Union (UPP) - List 1 12,3407.153.6511
14New Macau Development Union (NUDM) 10,4526.052.891
8Macau Citizens’ Development Association (ACDM) - ACUM List 2 10,1035.85N/A11
11Alliance for a Happy Home (ABL) - UPP List 2 9,4965.50N/A11
New pro-Beijing
4Civic Watch (Cívico) 9,5905.561.9911
Pro-Democracy parties
6New Hope (NE) 14,3868.330.6311
13New Democratic Macau Association (ANMD) 11,3816.590.561
3Democratic Prosperous Macau Association (APMD) - ANM List 1 10,0805.841.661
7New Macau Progressives (ANPM) - ANM List 2 9,2135.34N/A11
No legislative representation
18Alliance for Change (Mudar) 8,1864.741.2401
15Synergy Power (PS) 7,1624.15N/A0
25Front Line of Casino Workers (LFTC) 3,1261.81N/A0
24Pearl Horizon Buyers’ Rights Defence Union (UPHDD) 2,3991.39N/A0
22Mutual Help Grassroots (Grassroots) 1,3500.78N/A0
12Citizens’ Power (PC) 1,3050.76N/A0
19United Citizens for Building Macau Association (ACUCM) 9040.52N/A0
21The Aurora of Grassroots (Aurora) 8230.48N/A0
10Powers of Political Thought (PPP) 6720.39N/A0
17Ou Mun Kong I (OMKI) 3930.23N/A0
23Association of Macau Activism for Democracy (ID) 2790.16 0.470
1New Ideals of Macau (NIM) 1990.12N/A0
5Pink Love Citizens (Rosa)
Total and Turnout174,87210014
Valid votes172,62898.72
Invalid votes1,3000.74
Blank votes9440.54
Eligible voters 305,615
Functional constituencies and appointed members
Macau Union of Employers Interests (OMKC) 7814
Federation of Employees Associations (CCCAE) 1,0122
1Macau Union of Medical Professional Interests (UIMM) 20537.55N/A11
2Macau Union of Professional Interests (OMCY) 34162.4537.5521
Association for Promotion of Social Services and Education (APSSE) 1,5591
Excellent Culture and Sport Union (União Excelente) 1,4992
Members appointed by the Chief Executive 7

Chief Executive election

 Summary of the 2009 Macanese Chief Executive election result
Candidates Parties Votes %
Fernando Chui Sai On Non-partisan 282 95.27%
Total 282 100%
Valid votes28292.76%
Invalid votes00%
Blank votes144.73%
Votes cast / turnout29698.67%
Eligible voters 300
Source: Official results by Electoral Affairs Commission of Macau.

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  1. "Resultado da Eleição dos Deputados à Assembleia Legislativa da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau por Sufrágio Directo e Indirecto" [Results of the legislative election of the Macau special administrative region by direct and indirect suffrage] (in Portuguese). Printing Bureau of Macau SAR government. 28 September 2017. Retrieved 13 October 2017.
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