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At state level, Bosnia and Herzegovina votes for the rotating Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Parliamentary Assembly. The members of the presidency are elected for a four-year term by constituencies referring to the three main ethnic groups. The candidate with the most votes in a constituency is elected. The Parliamentary Assembly (Parlamentarna Skupština) has two chambers. The House of Representatives (Predstavnički dom/Zastupnički dom) has 42 members, elected for a four-year term by proportional representation in each main ethnic group. The House of Peoples (Dom Naroda) has 15 members, appointed by the parliaments of the two Entities. Bosnia and Herzegovina has a multi-party system, with numerous political parties in which no one party has a chance of gaining power alone, and parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. Each main ethnic group has its own dominant political party.



Type President Council (October)
Parliamentary Assembly (October)
Gubernatorial (October)
NonePresident Council (October)
Parliamentary Assembly (October)
Gubernatorial (October)
President Council President and Vice PresidentsNonePresident and Vice PresidentsNone
Parliamentary Assembly All seatsNoneAll seatsNone
Provinces, cities and municipalities All positionsNoneAll positionsNone All positions (2 October 2016)


Type President Council (January)
Parliamentary Assembly (January)
Gubernatorial (January)
President Council (January)President Council (January)
Parliamentary Assembly (January)
Gubernatorial (January)
President Council (January)
President Council
(1 January)
Bosniak President
Serb&Croat Vice President
Serb President
Croat&Bosniak Vice President
Croat President
Bosniak&Serb Vice President
Bosniak President
Serb&Croat Vice President
Serb President
Croat&Bosniak Vice President
Croat President
Bosniak&Serb Vice President
Parliamentary Assembly 1 JanuaryNone1 JanuaryNone
Provinces, cities and municipalities 1 JanuaryNone1 JanuaryNone

Latest elections

2014 presidential elections

Candidate Party Votes %
Bosniak member
Bakir IzetbegovićParty of Democratic Action247,23532.87
Fahrudin RadončićUnion for a Better Future of BiH201,45426.78
Emir SuljagićDemocratic Front114,33415.20
Bakir HadžiomerovićSocial Democratic Party75,36910.02
Sefer HalilovićBosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party-Sefer Halilović66,2308.80
Mustafa CerićIndependent33,8824.50
Džebrail BajramovićDiaspora Party5,0410.67
Mirsad KeboIndependent3,8930.52
Halil TuzlićIndependent3,1620.42
Adil ŽigićIndependent1,6370.22
Croat member
Dragan ČovićCroatian Democratic Union128,05352.20
Martin RagužCroatian Democratic Union 199094,69538.61
Živko BudimirParty of Justice and Trust15,3686.27
Anto PopovićDemocratic Front7,1792.93
Serb member
Mladen IvanićSDSPDPNDPSRS RSPUP318,19648.71
Željka CvijanovićSNSDDNSSP310,65847.56
Goran ZmijanjacFair Policy Party24,3343.73
Invalid/blank votes137,473
Registered voters/turnout
Source: CEC

2014 House of Representatives elections

Party Federation Republika Srpska Total
Votes % Seats Votes % Seats Votes % Seats +/–
Party of Democratic Action274,05727.87931,6584.881305,71518.7410+3
Alliance of Independent Social Democrats5,8420.590249,31438.466255,15615.646–2
Serb Democratic Party211,60332.645211,60312.975+1
Democratic Front150,76715.335150,7679.245New
Union for a Better Future of BiH142,00314.444142,0038.7040
HDZHSSHKDU–HSP-AS BiH–HSP HB119,46812.1543,5550.55123,0237.544
Social Democratic Party92,9069.45315,7362.43108,6426.663–5
Croatian Democratic Union 199040,1134.08140,1132.461
Bosnian-Herzegovinian Patriotic Party-Sefer Halilović35,8663.6512,4520.38038,3182.351+1
Democratic People's Alliance37,0725.72137,0722.2710
Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina25,6772.61025,6771.570–2
Party of Democratic Activity22,0882.25122,0881.351New
Socialist Party18,7322.89018,7321.1500
People's Party for Work and Betterment12,9271.31012,9270.790–1
Serbian Progressive Party11,4211.76011,4210.7000
Our Party10,9131.11010,9130.6700
Party of Justice and Trust9,7631.5109,7630.600New
Bosnian Party7,5180.7607,5180.4600
Social Democratic Union - Union for Us All5,8810.608530.1306,7340.4100
Labour Party5,7310.5805,7310.350New
Communist Party3,0750.3101,9760.3005,0510.310New
Diaspora Party3,3710.3403,3710.210New
New Movement1,8300.1901,8300.110New
Tomo Vukić3970.0603970.020New
Invalid/blank votes97,72058,857156,577
Registered voters/turnout
Source: CEC

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