Eduqas is a brand of the British examination board WJEC[1] which was created to respond to differing education systems between England and Wales from September 2015. From that date all reformed qualifications offered by WJEC in England are branded Eduqas, whilst those in Wales continue to be branded WJEC. Current qualifications which were being delivered in England continued to be branded WJEC until they were reformed.

Reformed Qualifications

From 2015, Eduqas offered Ofqual reformed [2]GCSEs, AS and A Levels and other Level 3 qualifications such as Diploma/Certificate in Criminology or Medical Science[3][4] to schools and colleges in England, Northern Ireland, Isle of Man, the Channel Islands and the independent sector in Wales. GCSEs in England are regulated by Ofqual and are now graded 9-1 instead of A*-G. Independent schools in Wales, schools in the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands may choose between qualifications regulated by Ofqual and those regulated by the Welsh Government.

Qualifications accredited

The full list of accredited qualifications is posted on the Eduqas website in the news section.[5]

Information is also available from the Ofqual accreditation update page. Ofqual provide updated information on the reformed qualifications for 2015.[6]

Teacher resources

Digital Education Resources are provided for teachers online on a separate resources website[7] They can also attend specific Eduqas CPD training courses[8]

Offering WJEC Eduqas qualifications

To offer these qualifications, all new centres must register with the examination board, WJEC.


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