Dumkhar Dam

Coordinates: 34°28′09″N 76°40′06″E / 34.46917°N 76.66833°E / 34.46917; 76.66833 Dumkhar Dam is proposed 45 MW run of the river power project on the Indus river in the Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, India. The project cost is Rs. 52.745 million including interest during construction at June, 2003 price levels.[1]

Technical specifications

Type: Concrete graPITHU RAJA
Height of dam above: 42m
Length of dam at top: 220m

Diversion tunnel
Number: 2
Dia & Shape: 10 m dia horse shoe
Length: 450 m

Full reservoir level (FRL): El 2856 m
Maximum water level (MWL): El 2856.0 m
Min.Draw Down Level (MDDL): El 2853.0 m

Gross storage
at FRL: 26.4 Mcum
at MDDL: 23.0 Mcum
Area under submergence at FRL: 2.85 km2

Design flood: 4650 m³/s
Type: Orifice type
Crest elevation El 2830 m
Number & size of pillway opening: 4 No, 8.2 m x 12 m
Energy dissipation: Stilling Basin
Length of spillway: 56.8 m

Invert level: El 2841 m
Number: 3
Size of gate opening: 3.2 m x 4.0 m
Trash rack: Inclined type

Number: 3 Nos
Size: 4 m dia
Shape: Circular
Design discharge: 67.23 m³/s

Power house
Type : Surface
Machine Hall: 50 mX 19.5 m
Service Bay: 23m X 19.5m
Installed capacity: 3X15 MW
Number of units: 3 Nos
Type of turbine: Vertical shaft Kaplan
Maximum gross head: 32m
Rated net head: 27.83 m


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