Dubăsari District, Transnistria

Dubăsari District

Map of Dubăsari District (purple). These areas are controlled by Transnistria. Green areas are Dubăsari District, controlled by Moldova.
Country Moldova
self-proclaimed state Transnistria[1]
Administrative center Dubăsari
  Heads of the State Administration of the Dubăsari District and the Dubăsari City Fedor Kovalev
  Total 381.2 km2 (147.2 sq mi)
Population (2015)
  Total 31,000
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
  Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Website http://www.dubossary.ru/

Dubăsari District, is an administrative subdivision of Transnistria, Moldova. It is located along the river Dniester, in the center of Transnsitria. Its seat is the city of Dubăsari. The district contains this city and 9 communes (a total of 21 localities, including small villages/hamlets):

Comisarovca Nouă
Coşniţa Nouă
Pohrebea Nouă
Crasnîi Vinogradari
Alexandrovca Nouă    
Lunga Nouă
Doibani I
Doibani II
Goianul Nou    

In addition, the breakaway authorities control the village of Roghi of the Chişinău-controlled Molovata Nouă commune of Dubăsari District. According to the 2004 Census in Transnistria, the population of the sub-district is 36,734, and that of the village Roghi is 715. The exact ethnic composition is available only for the sum: 18,763 (50.1%) Moldovans, 10,594 (28.29%) Ukrainians, 7,125 (19.03%) Russians, 92 (0.25%) Gagauzians, 134 (0.36%) Bulgarians, 46 (0.12%) Roma, 46 (0.12%) Jews, 53 (0.14%) Poles, 185 (0.50%) Belarusians, 63 (0.17%) Germans, 126 (0.34%) Armenians, and 205 (0.56%) others and non-declared. The population of the village of Roghi is almost entirely Moldovan.

In 1990–1991, the city of Dubăsari and the surrounding area were occasionally the scene of incidents, which aimed to establish in Transnistria a government that would break away from Moldova. In the 1992 War of Transnistria the city and the surrounding area were a major scene of the fighting.

List of Heads of the State Administration of the Dubăsari District and the Dubăsari City

  • Eduard Davidovich Kantselevich (~ 2013)
  • Fedor Grigoriyevich Kovalev (22 October 2013[2] – )


  1. Transnistria's status is disputed. It considers itself to be an independent state, but this is not recognised by any country. The Moldovan government and all the world's other states consider Transnistria de jure a part of Moldova territory.
  2. Глава государства Евгений Шевчук провел ряд кадровых назначений в органах государственной власти (in Russian). 22 October 2013. Retrieved 23 October 2013.

Coordinates: 47°16′N 29°09′E / 47.267°N 29.150°E / 47.267; 29.150

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