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Drob de Paște[1]

Drob,[2] fully named Drob de Miel (Lamb Drob) or Drob de Paste (Easter Drob) is a traditional Romanian dish, similar to a haggis, usually served at the Easter table.

The main ingredients are lamb offals (liver, lungs, spleen, heart, kidney), green onions, herbs (dill, parsley, garlic, lovage), eggs (boiled or fresh), and bread soaked in water or milk. The boiled offals are chopped and mixed with all the other ingredients and seasoned with salt and pepper. The caul of the lamb is stretched over a loaf pan and filled with the mixture.

Lamb drob is one of the most popular traditional dishes, so there are a number of variations of the recipe. One of these is the use of a sheet of dough instead of the caul. Usually, boiled eggs are placed in the middle of the loaf.

In the world there are a few dishes similar to lamb drob, yet the best known is the Scottish haggis. One of the main differences between these foods is that haggis is boiled in the stomach of the sheep and doesn't contain a large amount of herbs like the Romanian one.

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