Donald L. Katz

Dr. Donald L. Katz (August 1, 1907 near Jackson, Michigan May 29, 1989 Ann Arbor, Michigan) was an American chemist and chemical engineer. [1] [2]

The 1983 National Medal of Science was presented to Katz by President Ronald Reagan "for solving many practical engineering problems by delving into a wide group of sciences and making their synergistic effects evident." [3] [4]

Katz was also noted for developing a hazard rating system for dangerous bulk cargoes. [5]

Katz was chairman of the Chemical Engineering Department and A. H. White University Professor at the University of Michigan.[1] [6][7]

He was also a member of the National Academy of Engineering.[7]

The New York Times called Katz an "oil expert".[1] The National Academy of Engineering called him a "world leader" in reservoir engineering.[2]

He was a father to Marvin L. Katz and Linda Katz.

Notable awards and honors

Katz received the following distinctions and honors:[6]



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