Dock10 (television facility)

Industry Media & production
Headquarters MediaCityUK, Salford, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Subsidiaries The Studios

Dock10 is a television facility owner and media services company, located in Manchester, England. Dock10 offers a number of services, but its two most notable is post production and The Studios.

Its studio filming facility is the best-known part of the company, often referred to as The Studios. It was built as a major part of MediaCityUK, a development in Salford, Greater Manchester. The move saw a number of major productions leave London for the first time and head north to Manchester. The BBC, ITV and Channel 4 all relocated the filming of various shows to The Studios. This included established British shows, Match of the Day and Countdown.

Dock10 also offers other media services, such as post production. Their post-production shows include Match of the Day, Blue Peter and Who Wants to be a Millionaire.


The idea for MediaCityUK began as early as 2004, when the BBC announced they were interested in moving hundreds of jobs away from London to another UK city.[1] The Peel Group were involved from the early stages of this move, which resulted in announcing the construction of a 200-acre development in Salford Quays, Greater Manchester. The BBC and The Peel Group announced in 2007 that the construction would begin on the media-based development.[2]

At the heart of the MediaCityUK project, was the idea of producing BBC shows outside of London. A studio was then proposed at the site, which was constructed in time for the BBC move in 2011. The new £22 million studio was originally known as MediaCityUK studios, before becoming The Studios. The BBC became the first major tenant of The Studios.[3] The Studios and the media infrastructure was rebranded in 2012 and dock10 was formed.[4]

In 2013, dock10 signed their first production deal with ITV.[5] The deal was to use The Studios to record and produce a number of ITV's shows. The current deal is to run until 2018.[6]

By 2016, dock10 had grown into a major production provider to British-based TV shows. In March 2016, dock10 announced that they had acquired Edit 19, a Manchester-based visual effects and editing company.[7] Later that year, they announced that they were expanding their post-production facility at MediaCityUK, offering many services they gained from the acquisition of Edit 19.[8]

dock10 then announced in 2017 that they had further expanded their deal with the BBC after securing a creative contract. This would mean some BBC promos and branding work would be produced outside of London.[9]

Studios facility

MediaCityUK's studios are owned and managed by Dock10. The company has two major divisions, its studios, and its post-production. The studios feature 4K TV studios, two audio studios, digital post-production and cloud media management services.

Most of its major productions are filmed in HQ1 studio, which is the UK's biggest multi-camera TV studio that can hold live audiences up to 1,000 people. HQ2, HQ3, and HQ4 are the other 3 major TV studios, with shows such as Match of the Day, The Voice UK, Football Focus, Countdown, Judge Rinder and University Challenge filmed in the four studios.

Shows with a smaller studio requirement use HQ5, HQ6, and HQ7, where the likes of Blue Peter and Newsround are filmed. HQ8, HQ9, and HQ10 are three specialist studios, one for green screen recordings, an orchestral studio and finally a specialist audio studio. The final two studios are large spaces for more open productions. HQ11 is the only outdoor studio on site, with HQ12 based on the mezzanine floor of The Studios building.

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