Dhindo Thali in a Thakali Restaurant of Nepal
Course Meal
Place of origin Nepal
Region or state Nepal
Associated national cuisine Nepal, Bhutan, India
Main ingredients water, white flour, buckwheat, vegetables, etc.
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Dhindo (Nepali: ढिँडो  Listen ) is a meal prepared in Nepal. It is prepared by bringing hot water in a pan to boil and adding flour while continuously stirring the mix. It is the main meal in various parts of Nepal[1] and Sikkim and Darjeeling regions of India.

Dhindo is traditionally prepared from buckwheat or millet but wheat, corn flour is common as well. In fact, one could make Dhindo from any grain as long as its ground into flour as the recipe is simple. The utensil of choice is "Phalame Tapke" (Iron pan). A narrow iron spatula is used to stir the thick mix and is called, "Dabilo". It makes stirring easier.

Method of Preparation

(serves two people)


  • 1-litre water
  • 250g flour
  • 20ml ghee or butter (optional)

Directions: Bring water to boil. Slowly add flour to the water, while stirring with a cooking spoon. Add ghee and keep stirring the mixture constantly for 5–7 minutes. Once the mix reaches a consistency where a wooden spatula can be stuck and remains where it is, Dhindo is fully cooked.[2]

How to eat

Dhindo is eaten by making a small ball with one's fingers, dipping it in a cool liquid (lentil soup or milk or gundruk) and swallowed. It is not chewed as Dhindo is made of millet, sticks between teeth, and is hot at the time of consumption.

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