Department of Rehabilitation, Haryana

Government of Haryana
Department of Rehabilitation, Haryana
Agency overview
Jurisdiction Government of Haryana
Headquarters Haryana Civil Secretariat,
Sector-1, Chandigarh
30°45′40″N 76°48′2″E / 30.76111°N 76.80056°E / 30.76111; 76.80056
Agency executive

Department of Rehabilitation, Haryana is a Ministry and department of the Government of Haryana in India.


This department came into existence when Haryana was established as a new state within India after being separated from Punjab. The department is responsible for the rehabilitation of displaced people who have lost their homes due to government land acquisition. Abhimanyu Sindhu is the cabinet minister responsible for this department from October 2014.[1] Haryana State Archives has recently acquired the records of Rehabilitation Department, Haryana (1946-1956) relating to claims and allotments.[2]

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