Deng Rong

Deng Rong
Deng Rong in Bad Kissingen, Germany, in 2006
Deputy President of the China Association for International Friendly Contact (Chinese: 中国国际友好联合会)
Assumed office
Personal details
Born January 1950
Political party Communist Party of China
Spouse(s) He Ping
Relations Deng Lin
Deng Pufang
Deng Nan
Deng Zhifang
Children He Zhaoyue
Parents Deng Xiaoping
Zhuo Lin
Education Beijing Medical College

Deng Rong (Chinese: 邓榕; pinyin: Dèng Róng) is a Chinese politician and the third daughter of Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping.[2]

Early life

Deng is the youngest child of Deng Xiaoping and his third wife, Zhuo Lin. She has two older sisters, Deng Lin and Deng Nan, as well as two older brothers, Deng Pufang and Deng Zhifang.

Deng stated in an interview in 2004 that her father never spoke of official business at home and that her siblings and herself had no idea what Deng Xiaoping did at work, even though several guards stood sentry in their courtyard home.[3]


When the People's Republic of China and United States established diplomatic relations in 1979, Deng was sent by her father to the Chinese Embassy in the USA. She worked there for two years.[1]

From 1984 to 1990, Deng held the official position of Deputy Director of the Policy Research Office of the General Office of the National People's Congress.[4] She also served as Deng Xiaoping's confidential secretary from early 1989.[2]

Political Involvement

During one of the most severe flooding incidents in Henan in August 1975, Li Xiannian called Deng Xiaoping to inform him that several dams had burst. Deng Rong answered the phone and refused to allow Li to speak with her father. In the first call, she said that Deng Xiaoping was sleeping; on the second call, she hung up. The paramount leader was allegedly playing Mahjong at the time.[5] This was one of the reasons Deng Xiaoping was criticised for delaying rescue operations.[5]


Deng published a book titled Deng Xiaoping: My Father (Chinese: 我的父亲邓小平). She has also given interviews revealing details of Deng Xiaoping's personal life and personality.[3]


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