Democratic Montenegro

Democratic Montenegro
Demokratska Crna Gora
Демократска Црна Гора
Abbreviation DCG
Leader Aleksa Bečić
Founded 19 April 2015
Split from Socialist People's Party
Headquarters Podgorica
Ideology Big tent
Political position Centre[1] to centre-left[2]
8 / 81
Local Parliaments
85 / 786

Democratic Montenegro (Montenegrin: Demokratska Crna Gora / Демократска Црна Гора, DCG), also known as the Democrats, is a centrist[1] political party in Montenegro. Its current leader, and the founder of Democratic Montenegro is Aleksa Bečić.


The Democratic Montenegro was formed in 2015 when the faction of Socialist People's Party split and formed a new political party, represented by 2 MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro.[3][4]

The Democrats increased their number of MPs from 2 to 8 in the October 2016 parliamentary election and after the local elections held the same year, the party gained mayoral positions in Budva and Kotor municipalities.

At the local elections held in Herceg Novi in May 2017 the party won 9 out of 34 seats, leading the opposition coalition which formed the local government. [5]

In March 2018, Democrats decides to support the candidacy of independent candidate Mladen Bojanić to run for president of Montenegro at April 2018 presidential election, as did Democratic Front (DF), Socialist People's Party (SNP), United Reform Action (URA) and United Montenegro (UCG).[6] At the election, Bojanić came second, behind Milo Đukanović, with 33.40% of the vote. In the 2018 local elections, Democrats formed an electoral coalition with the United Reform Action in a number of municipalities. After elections Democrats become part of the local government only in Berane, forming an post-election coalition with DF and SNP, remaining opposition in the rest of the municipalities.

Electoral performance

Parliamentary elections

Parliament of Montenegro
Year Popular vote % of popular vote Overall seats won Seat change Government
2015 Split from Socialist People's Party
2 / 81
2 opposition
2016 38,327 10.01%
8 / 81
6 opposition

Local elections

Local Parliaments
Cycle Popular vote Overall seats won Local governments Mayoral seats
2016-18 48,012 10.81%
125 / 786
4 / 23
3 / 23

Presidential elections

President of Montenegro
Election year Candidate # 1st round votes % of vote # 2nd round votes % of vote Note
2018 Mladen Bojanić 2nd


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