Deep-fried peanuts

Deep Fried Peanuts are a snack food created by deep frying peanuts in an oil. The resulting product is a snack food that can be eaten in its entirety, both shell and nut. The deep-frying process does not change the flavor or texture of the nutmeats, but changes the texture and flavor of the shells -- especially if seasonings are used -- to make them more palatable.

Most companies have common seasonings applied to the shell after deep frying. Flavors available include: Salted, Barbecue, Cajun, Garlic, Hot Pepper, Salt & Vinegar, and Caramel coated.

Shell and all

Variations of the phrase 'shell and all' are commonly used to market deep fried peanuts, for example: Go-N-Nuts[1] WildDry[2] Uncle Bud's Deep Fried Peanuts[3] and Mike's Peanuts.[4]

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