Decanter (magazine)

Editor-in-chief John Stimpfig[1]
Categories Wine magazines
Frequency Monthly
Circulation 40,000[2]
Publisher Time Inc. UK
Year founded 1975
Country United Kingdom, United States
Language English

Decanter is a wine and wine-lifestyle magazine, published in about 90 countries on a monthly basis. The magazine includes industry news, vintage guides and wine and spirits recommendations. Decanter also organizes the annual Decanter World Wine Awards.

History and profile

Following the success of wine columns in British newspapers, the magazine was founded in London in 1975.[2][3] It is the oldest consumer wine publication in the United Kingdom.[4] According to author Evelyne Resnick, it has a comparable function for UK than the Wine Spectator has in the United States.[2] As of 2011, it was published in 91 countries, including China as its last addition in 2005.[3] Columnists and regular contributors include several Masters of Wine.[3]

The magazine mainly focuses on wines available in the United Kingdom's market. While it is aimed to consumers, a significant part of its audience also consists both of traders and producers.[2][5] Its contents include news, topical dissertations, travel surveys, interviews, analysis and market reports.[3] Differently from other magazines which focus on many wines from various regions and countries, Decanter issues offer in-depth reviews of wines from two regions at times.[3] Decanter's readers are generally younger than the readers similar publications, with 41% readers under 45 years old.[2]

The magazine launched its website,, in 1999. The website is considered as a leading online wine magazine.[2] Among its services, it offers a wine investment guide in conjunction with Berry Bros. & Rudd.[6]

Decanter World Wine Awards

Decanter World Wine Awards (DWWA) is a wine competition founded in 2004 and is the world's biggest wine competition with over 15,000 entries per year. The results of the competition are published on Decanter's website and in Decanter's August edition.


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