Dean of the United States Senate

The Dean of the United States Senate is an informal term for the Senator with the longest continuous service, regardless of party affiliation. This is not an official position within the Senate, although customarily (since 1945) the longest-serving member of the majority party serves as President pro tempore.

The current Dean is Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

List of Deans

Dean(s) Party State Years First served
James GunnAnti-Admin,
John LangdonPro-Admin,
New Hampshire
and others
James GunnDemocratic-RepublicanGeorgia1797–1801
John LangdonNew Hampshire
Theodore FosterRhode Island1801–18031790
John BrownKentucky1803–18051791
James HillhouseFederalistConnecticut1805–18101796
Joseph AndersonDemocratic-RepublicanTennessee1810–18151797
John GaillardSouth Carolina1815–18261804
Benjamin RugglesNational RepublicanOhio1826–18331815
William R. KingDemocraticAlabama1833–18441819
Thomas Hart BentonMissouri1844–18511821
Willie Person MangumWhigNorth Carolina1851–18531831, 1840
James PearceMaryland1853–18621843
James A. Bayard Jr.DemocraticDelaware1862–18641851
Solomon FootRepublicanVermont
Solomon FootVermont1864–1866
Benjamin F. WadeOhio1866–1869
Charles SumnerMassachusetts1869–1874
Zachariah ChandlerMichigan1874–18751857
Henry B. AnthonyRhode Island1875–18841859
George F. EdmundsVermont1884–18911866
Justin Smith MorrillVermont1891–18981867
William B. AllisonIowa1898–19081873
Eugene HaleMaine1908–19111881
William P. Frye19111881
Shelby Moore CullomIllinois1911–19131883
Jacob Harold GallingerNew Hampshire1913–19181891
Henry Cabot LodgeMassachusetts1918–19241893
Francis E. WarrenWyoming1924–19291895
Furnifold McLendel SimmonsDemocraticNorth Carolina1929–19311901
Reed SmootRepublicanUtah1931–19331903
William Edgar BorahIdaho1933–19401907
Ellison D. SmithDemocraticSouth Carolina1940–19441909
Kenneth McKellarTennessee1944–19531917
Walter F. GeorgeGeorgia1953–19571922
Carl HaydenArizona1957–19691927
Richard Russell Jr.Georgia1969–19711933
Allen J. EllenderLouisiana1971–19721937
George D. AikenRepublicanVermont1972–19751941
James EastlandDemocraticMississippi1975–19771941, 1943
John L. McClellanArkansas1943
James EastlandMississippi1977–19781941, 1943
Warren G. MagnusonWashington1978–19811944
John C. StennisMississippi1981–19891947
J. Strom ThurmondRepublicanSouth Carolina1989–20031954, 1956
Robert C. ByrdDemocraticWest Virginia2003–20101959
Daniel InouyeHawaii2010–20121963
Patrick LeahyVermont2012–1975

Party Deans

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