Danish League Cup

Danish League Cup
Sport Football
Founded 2005
Ceased 2006
No. of teams 3
Country  Denmark
Most titles Brøndby IF

The Danish League Cup, was a football competition, arranged by Divisionsforeningen, for all the top level Danish football teams. The competition has existed in various formats, with the exact name of the league depending on the sponsor. For instance, the Danish League Cup was named Carlsberg Grand Prix in 1984, where Brøndby IF won the trophy. While the name changed to Spar Cup in 1996, where FC Copenhagen won the trophy. The last time the League Cup was organised as an official tournament was apparently in 1996. It shortly reappeared in 2005-2006, as the tournament known as Tele2 LigaCup. Games played in the Tele2 LigaCup were however not counted as official matches by the Danish Football Association, as the matches were only played with one regular half (45 minutes). The Tele2 LigaCup also had a limited representation of clubs, as the format was just a round-robin tournament between the top 3 finishers of the Danish Superliga.

Selected finals

Year Winning Team Runners Up Losing Team Venue
2005 Brøndby IF FC Midtjylland F.C. Copenhagen Brøndby Stadion
2006 Brøndby IF F.C. Copenhagen Viborg FF Farum Park

Total titles

Titles Team
2Brøndby IF

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