Place of origin South Korea
Associated national cuisine Korean cuisine
Serving temperature Warm
Main ingredients Chicken, scallions
Cookbook: Dak-kkochi  Media: Dak-kkochi
Korean name
Hangul 닭꼬치
Revised Romanization dak-kkochi
McCune–Reischauer tak-kkoch'i
IPA [tak̚.k͈o.tɕʰi]

Dak-kkochi (닭꼬치, "chicken skewer") is a popular South Korean street food consisting of small pieces of chicken and scallions grilled on a skewer.[1][2][3][4]

Dak (chicken) is the most popular type of kkochi (skewered food). Others include sausages, fish cakes, and short rib patties called tteok-galbi.[5]


Dak () means chicken, and kkochi (꼬치) means food on skewers or skewers themselves used for culinary purposes.[6]

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