Dahi chutney

Dahi chutney
Dahi chutney (at right) with Mirchi ka salan
Alternative names Kadki Dahi ki chutney, raita, mosaru bajji in Karnataka
Course Side dish to Hyderabadi Biryani or Biryani
Place of origin Indian Subcontinent
Region or state All over Indian Subcontinent
Associated national cuisine India, Bangladesh, Pakistan
Main ingredients Dahi (yogurt), green chillies, mint, onion
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Dahi chutney is strained dahi (yogurt) that is mixed into a chutney of mint and onions,[1] originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is popular in South India. It is a side dish for the popular Hyderabadi biryani.


The traditional ingredients are dahi (yogurt), onions, tomatoes, mint leaves, coriander, Chilli and salt to taste.


There are multiple ways to prepare the side dish. Mint, coriander, and a chilli is cut and mixed into yogurt, which is then blended in a blender for a minute.[2] Another way is to simply mix diced onions with salt and coriander into a bowl of fresh yogurt and serve as is.

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