Convolvulus arvensis
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Convolvulus arvensis

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Convolvulus /kənˈvɒlvjuːləs/[1] is a genus of about 200[2] to 250[3][4] species of flowering plants in the bindweed family Convolvulaceae,[5] with a cosmopolitan distribution. Common names include bindweed and morning glory; both names shared with other closely related genera.

They are annual or perennial herbaceous vines, bines and (a few species of) woody shrubs, growing to 0.3–3 m tall. The leaves are spirally arranged, and the flowers trumpet-shaped, mostly white or pink, but blue, violet, purple or yellow in some species.

Many of the species are invasive weeds; but others are cultivated for their attractive flowers, while some are globally threatened.

Convolvulus species are used as food plants by the larvae of some Lepidoptera species, including the convolvulus hawk moth, the sweet potato leaf miner (Bedellia somnulentella) and the gem; the leaf miner Bucculatrix cantabricella feeds exclusively on C. cantabricus.


Species include:[3][6][7][8]

  • Convolvulus acanthocladus
  • Convolvulus aitchisonii
  • Convolvulus alatus
  • Convolvulus althaeoides mallow bindweed, mallow-leaf bindweed
  • Convolvulus ammannii
  • Convolvulus angustissimus
  • Convolvulus arvensis lesser bindweed, field bindweed, common bindweed, white convolvulus, creeping jenny, perennial morning glory
  • Convolvulus assyricus
  • Convolvulus betonicifolius
  • Convolvulus boissieri
  • Convolvulus calvertii
  • Convolvulus canariensis
  • Convolvulus cantabrica
  • Convolvulus capensis
  • Convolvulus carrii
  • Convolvulus cataonnicus
  • Convolvulus cephalopodus
  • Convolvulus chilensis
  • Convolvulus clementii
  • Convolvulus cneorum shrubby bindweed, silvery bindweed, silverbush
  • Convolvulus compactus
  • Convolvulus divaricatus
  • Convolvulus dorycnium
  • Convolvulus equitans grey bindweed, Texas bindweed
  • Convolvulus erinaceus
  • Convolvulus erubescens blushing bindweed, pink bindweed, Australian bindweed
  • Convolvulus eyreanus
  • Convolvulus floridus guadil, morning-glory-tree, rhodium-wood
  • Convolvulus fractosaxosa shingle convolvulus[9]
  • Convolvulus fruticosus
  • Convolvulus glomeratus
  • Convolvulus gortschakovii
  • Convolvulus graminetinus
  • Convolvulus hermanniae
  • Convolvulus holosericeus
  • Convolvulus humilis
  • Convolvulus kotschyanus
  • Convolvulus lanatus
  • Convolvulus leiocalycinus
  • Convolvulus lineatus
  • Convolvulus mauritanicus African bindweed, synonym for Convolvulus sabatius
  • Convolvulus nodiflorus aguinaldo blanco
  • Convolvulus nyctagineus
  • Convolvulus ocellatus
  • Convolvulus oleifolius
  • Convolvulus pentapetaloides
  • Convolvulus persicus
  • Convolvulus phrygius
  • Convolvulus pilosellifolius soft bindweed
  • Convolvulus prostratus
  • Convolvulus pseudocantabricus
  • Convolvulus pyrrhotrichus
  • Convolvulus recurvatus
  • Convolvulus remotus
  • Convolvulus rhyniospermus
  • Convolvulus rottlerianus
  • Convolvulus sabatius blue rock bindweed,[10] ground blue-convolvulus
  • Convolvulus scammonia scammony
  • Convolvulus scindicus
  • Convolvulus scoparius lignum rhodium, rhodium-wood
  • Convolvulus simulans
  • Convolvulus spinosus
  • Convolvulus steppicola
  • Convolvulus stocksii
  • Convolvulus suffruticosus
  • Convolvulus trabutianus
  • Convolvulus tragacanthoides
  • Convolvulus tricolor dwarf convolvulus, dwarf morning glory
  • Convolvulus valentinus
  • Convolvulus verecundus trailing bindweed, tussock bindweed[11]
  • Convolvulus virgatus
  • Convolvulus waitaha grass convolvulus[12]
  • Convolvulus wallichianus Wallich's bindweed


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