Constitution Party (United States, 1952)

Constitution Party
Founded 1952 (1952)
Dissolved 1964 (1964)
Ideology Christian right
Political position Right wing

The Constitution Party was a conservative third party in the United States, founded in 1952.

1952 Presidential election

The party held its founding convention Chicago where Republican congressmen Howard Buffett and Ralph W. Gwinn attempted to convince the attendees into rejoining the Republican party.[1] Both the chairman, Percy L. Greaves, and co-chairman, Suzanne Stevenson, resigned after anti-Semitic remarks by Upton Close.[2] For the 1952 presidential election, they nominated Douglas MacArthur for President and Harry F. Byrd for Vice-President, without permission from either candidate. The ticket won 17,205 votes (0.03%).[3]

1956 Presidential election

By the 1956 the party had state affiliates in New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, California, and Illinois.[4] The party ran T. Coleman Andrews and Thomas H. Werdel and received 107,929 votes.

1960 Presidential election

In 1960, the Texas-based Constitution Party nominated retired Marine Corps Brigadier General Merritt B. Curtis for President and Curtis B. Dall for Vice-President.[5]

1964 Presidential election

In 1964, Joseph B. Lightburn of Jane Lew, West Virginia and Theodore Billings of Colorado were the party's presidential ticket.[6]


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