Comparison of software and protocols for distributed social networking

Distributed social network projects generally develop software, protocols, or both.


Project Name Features Software Programming Language License Protocols Privacy Support Federation (with other applications or services) Instances Maturity
Amplify Trust-based search Public Domain HTTPS, Amplify Messaging Protocol Provides fine grained privacy control through object capability security and transport layer encryption. Application framework, webhook style sensor network alpha
Anahita[1] Anahita is an open source social networking platform and framework for building knowledge sharing apps and services LAMP GPL3 Provides privacy management based on social graph: public, registered, followers, leaders, mutuals, myself stable
Buddycloud[2][3] Personal and topic channels, Buddycloud directory, channel search, channel recommender, media server, friend-finder, mobile and email push service, location, messaging server,[4] client[5] JavaScript, NodeJS, Java Apache 2.0 XMPP,[3] Buddycloud Protocol,[6] Atom,[7] Activity Streams,[8] Location Query Yes Yes Domains running buddycloud: 90[9] stable
Cunity[10] Friends, Photo Album, Filesharing, Messaging, Pinboard, Newsfeed, Memberlist, Forum, Connecting Cunities server,[10] client[10] PHP, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery AGPLv3 HTTP, P2P Yes Connecting P2P Hosted on your own webspace beta (v1.0)
diaspora* Status messages, blogging, photo sharing, privacy enhanced server[11] Ruby AGPLv3 Diaspora,[12] Salmon[13] Yes, through "aspects" Yes, own federation protocol[14] 177 'nodes/pods' listed on[15] stable
DiSo Project[16] WordPress plugins[17] microformats (XFN, hCard, XOXO), OpenID, OAuth, XMPP[16] ? ? ?
DSNP[18] DSNPd (server daemon), ChoiceSocial (web interface)[18] Distributed Social Networking Protocol (DSNP)[18][19] ? ? Friends in Feed,, beta (v0.6)
Friend2Friend[20] Strong encryption, XML for all data exchange, Data is digitally signed LGPL Connect to known individuals. ? alpha
Friendica[21] Rich profiles, networking groups, community/group/celebrity pages, richtext status (not specifically length limited), photo albums, YouTube share, location, like/dislike, multiple profiles w/assignment to specific friends, single sign on to post directly to friend's profiles on co-operating systems. Communications encryption. Fans and one-way relationships. Local and global directory services. Ability to restrict connection endpoints. server[22] PHP AGPLv3[23] OStatus,[24] Diaspora, OpenID, DFRN,[25] Zot[26] extensive Friendica, Diaspora, GNU-Social, Mastodon, email, RSS feeds via native protocol support., Libertree, Twitter, Google+, Wordpress and Tumblr via connectors and/or third party services. more than 50 servers according to external statistics,[27] more than 300 servers in total according to internal federation statistics. stable
GNU social[28] microblogging server[29] (formerly known as StatusNet) PHP AGPLv3 OStatus[30] ? Yes Around 200 servers [31] stable[32]
Hubzilla decentralised identity and community platform, also provides blogs, rich social networking, cloud storage and internet-scale access control/privacy server PHP, Javascript MIT zot Extensive via external connectors 230[33] stable
Kune[34] real-time collaborative edition, XMPP chat, groups, calendar, lists, tasks, blogs, Apache Wave inbox (modern email), wave extensions (gadgets, robots), public webpages, profiles, galleries (photos, videos), maps, federation, usability server, integrates Apache Wave Java-based GWT (generates AJAX) AGPLv3 XMPP, Wave Federation Protocol Excellent Total federation/interoperability with other Kune installations and Apache Wave accounts. XMPP chat interoperable with other XMPP-compliant,[35] demo,[36] 3 in total stable[37] Synchronization tool inspired by Dropbox Simplified BSD rsync, lsyncd, OpenSSH Yes planned stable
Libertree[38] Social network server and webclient Ruby AGPLv3 No 3 beta
Mastodon microblogging server Ruby AGPLv3 ActivityPub, OStatus Yes Yes More than 1.200 servers [39] stable
Minds Free, open source, decentralized, and based on a foundation of transparency and privacy server,[40] front,[41] mobile app[42] PHP[40][43] AGPLv3[44] OpenSSL, RabbitMQ[45] Yes[46] Yes[47] beta
Movim XMPP client + Microblogging server and webclient PHP AGPLv3 XMPP Yes XMPP 16 'pods'[48] stable
Newebe[49] one user = one node ; microblogging, picture sharing, activity stream server, web client Python / Coffeescript AGPL HTTP, REST API alpha
ObjectCloud customization, flexible hosting, security, application platform SimPL 2.0 OpenID, Particle Yes ? 2 alpha
OpenAutonomy[50] Micro-blogging, RSS aggregation, Cloud storage server,[51] web client,[51] non-web applications,[52] PHP (server), Javascript (web client), Java (native applications) MIT OpenAutonomy, XML-RPC Trusted user list and fine-grained trusted sub-groups All components intrinsically federated 4 known stable (r210)[51]
OpenLink Data Spaces (ODS)[53] Profile Management, Blogs, Wikis, Address Books, Calendars, Feed Aggregation, Discussion Forums (includes NNTP support), File Servers (WebDAV based Briefcase). Dual (Commercial and GPL for Open Source Edition) WebID, Webfinger, OpenID, OAuth, HTTP, SPARQL, Atom Publishing, PubSubHubbub, Semantic Pingback, OpenSocial, Social Graph API, Portable Contacts, more. WebID and others Yes[54] among others stable
ownCloud online storage, data synchronization, file encryption, calendar, task scheduler, address book, media streaming, content sharing, bookmarking, photo gallery, video viewer, RSS/Atom feed reader server, client, web-client PHP, JavaScript AGPLv3 WebDAV, Federated Cloud Sharing API,[55] Open Collaboration Services Yes Yes service providers[56] stable
Pleroma Microblogging social-network Elixir (programming language) AGPLv3 OStatus, ActivityPub Yes nodes supporting ActivityPub and OStatus (except StatusNet for now) Around 200 instances[57] stable/beta (1.0.0 not released yet)
Project Danube 1) Sharing personal data with companies/organizations
2) Sharing personal data with "friends"
3) Use of personal data for "personal applications"
TBD, likely Eclipse or Apache OStatus, OAuth 2.0, Webfinger, hCard, Portable Contacts, XRI, XDI, PubSubHubbub, Salmon ? StatusNet and Cliqset, among others alpha
Project Nori OStatus, OAuth, Portable Contacts, Webfinger, and other open protocols ? Yes alpha
psyced profiles, chat, microblogging server, clients optional LPC[58] GPLv2
MIT [59]
PSYC, XMPP, IRC, TELNET, HTTP, Applet, SMTP, WAP, RSS OTR, friends-only functions and profile, secret chatrooms, presence, tor integration PSYC and XMPP 5 public known ones in 2016[60] stable stream server supporting social networking capabilities server, clients JavaScript Apache 2.0 API[61] Yes Yes 72,[62] including stable
Retroshare Private messaging and VoIP, group chats, distributed forums, file transfers client-server,[63] web interface Qt, C++ Various Open Source licenses (with some exceptions)[64] GPG, OpenSSL Yes stable
RSSN private messaging, groups RSSN ? ? alpha
Salut à Toi[65][66] multi-frontends, microblogging, group microblogging, file sharing, games, XMPP client XMPP client (multi-frontends), web server, SMTP/IMAP server Python, C++ AGPL XMPP through XMPP groups, presence authorisation XMPP native federation demo[67] alpha
Socialhome Microblogging, blogging, rich-text federated profiles, home page builder. Server Python, JavaScript AGPL Diaspora Yes

Other servers findable from

Socknet Provider- profiles, messaging, enables internet content sharing Socknet, OpenID No Yes beta
Sone[68] microblogging, media library, decentralized spam protection P2P client, web interface Java, Javascript GPL Freenet Yes, Multiple Anonymous Identities, private messages via the Freemail plugin with Forward secrecy Partial, Sone messages can be read from the FMS Forum system beta
Sonic[69] Federation protocol for OSN services API, SDK PHP / JSON MIT Yes beta
Sparkleshare[70] Collaboration and sharing tool inspired by Dropbox Python (Nautilus plugin), C# (rest) GPLv3 SSH Yes, encryption option planned alpha
Tent[71] Profiles, Developer-extensible Post and Profile Types, Data Import, Groups, Privacy Controls, Content versioning server,[72] clients[73] Ruby (reference implementations) MIT (reference implementation) Tent, HTTPS Yes Granular permissions (Access Control Lists for all content) Yes alpha (0.2)
Twister[74] microblogging P2P client, web interface C++, Javascript MIT and BSD Bitcoin, Torrent, DHT Yes End-to-end encryption for private messages not yet beta
twtxt[75] microblogging Terminal Python (reference implementation) MIT (reference implementation) HTTP(S), REST No ? Approximately 100[76] alpha
Weestit XMPP, HTTP, OStatus, SMTP, POP Yes Planned alpha

Dead or stalled projects

Project Name Features Software Programming Language License Protocols Privacy Support Federation (with other applications or services) Instances Maturity
6d[77](Dead Project) Blog, media library, addressbook, themeable, private messaging server[78] PHP MIT HTTP + REST, microformats[79] Addressbook to send posts to either individuals or groups. not yet demo[80]
5 total
Appleseed[81] Photos, Journals, Messaging, Groups, Privacy controls, Status Updates, Newsfeeds server[82] PHP GPLv2 QuickSocial[83] Friend circles used to categorize friends and restrict/allow access Internally, others easily added (plugin architecture) Appleseed[84] Approximately 120 total cancelled project
Diaspora X2[85](Dead Project) client[86] using buddycloud for federation XMPP, buddycloud channels,[87] Activity Streams[85] ? ? Diaspora X2[88] ?
Jappix[89] XMPP client + Microblogging server, web client AGPL XMPP Excellent: based on presence authorizations ? demo[90] stable
Lorea[91] Profiles, microblogging, streams, groups, plugins, group mailing lists, tasks, calendar, subgroups, tagclouds Elgg,[92] plugins[93] GPL OpenID, Activity Streams, PubSubHubbub, WebID. Working on: OStatus[92] (60% production), XMPP/psyc (50% development), rdf+sparql (10% development) Excellent Supported through plugin. 5: project's group[94] stable (seems dead by 2016-12-28)
Mr. Privacy[95] SMTP, IMAP Yes Yes ?
OneSocialWeb[96] Microblogging Openfire plugin, clients[97] Java Apache 2 XMPP, XMPP extensions[98] Yes Yes alpha
Knowee OpenID Signup, Activity Stream import and export, contact import from Web 2.0 services via XFN and FOAF, automatically updated address book from remote data sources, consolidated profile with RDF/FOAF export, personal SPARQL API W3C OpenID, FOAF ? ? alpha
Kopal[99] OpenID Core, multiple profiles server[100] Ruby MIT OpenID, Kopal Connect protocol,[101] Kopal Feed microformat[102] ? ? alpha
NoseRub[103] sample server[104] NoseRub protocol / WebID[105] ? ? demo[106] ?
OpenMicroBlogger User-toggleable "apps" to add/remove functionality. RSSCloud and partial OStatus (PubSubHubbub) federation as well as Open Microblogging 0.1. Local follow/unfollow. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr integration. (partial) Twitter API support. Fully Restful design, user interface consumes Rest API. MIT Open Microblogging 0.1, RSSCloud, (partial) OStatus (PubSubHubbub) Yes Yes alpha
Safebook[107] GPL Extensive, including communication untraceability ? demo[108] beta[109]
SMOB microblogging FOAF ? ? unmaintained
Social-Igniter[110] friends, places, status, comments, modular apps (messages, blog, cart, media), themes, mobile themes, 3rd party integration (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube), editable widgets, server GPL Webfinger, PubSubHubbub, OpenID, OAuth, Activity Streams Yes Yes 3 alpha
SocialRiver[111] GPL
OStatus,[112] OpenID, will add support for OAuth Private Messaging, Privacy Controls Yes ?
SocialZE[113] server, web client OSMP (Open Social Message Protocol) Yes ? alpha
Synology applications package Chat, Photo Album Filesharing, Calendar, Video player, office suit, Notes, Mailserver Server and (mobile) clients ? Proprietary JumpChat,, AD/LDAP Yes No Stable, some beta
Thimbl[114] microblogging Finger, SSH ? Planned for future alpha


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