Cock flag

In Hindu mythology, the cock flag is the flag of Lord Muruga's army. Every Hindu god is associated with separate weapons and vehicles. Likewise most of the images or sculptures of Lord Muruga is having Vel in one hand and cock flag in other hand.


Demon Kings Anaimugan (Having Elephant face), Paanumugan, Sinhamugan (Having Lion face), Tarakasuran (Black King) and their elder brother Soorapadman obtained boons from Lord Shiva and attained uncontrollable power. They tortured devas, humans and sages. All the devas complained to Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. All the devas along with Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu, went to Lord Shiva. From Lord Shiva's third eye God Muruga was born and prepared to destroy the demon kings. The armies of Lord Muruga marched towards south, from mount Kailash. The army destroyed Tarakasuran during their travel. At last the army were stationed temporarily at a camp exactly 10 kms from the present Thiruchendur. Thiruchendur is presently called Arumuganeri. Then the army moved to the present Thiruchendur. On the sea shore Lord Muruga's army encountered Soorapadman's army. Soorapadman fought bravely and at last he comes to know that his opponent was none other than Lord Muruga. So he disappeared from the battle field and took the form of a mango tree. Lord Muruga found him and he cut the mango tree into two pieces with his Vel. One piece changed into pea cock which became vehicle for Lord Muruga and another piece formed cock which became the emblem of Lord Muruga's flag.

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