Climate change opinion by country

Proportion who reported knowing "something" or a "great deal" about global warming. Darker areas indicate a greater proportion of individuals aware, yellow indicates no data.
Proportion responding yes when asked, "Temperature rise is part of global warming or climate change. Do you think rising temperatures are [...] a result of human activities?"
Proportion responding in 2008–09 that global warming was a serious personal threat.

Climate change opinion is the aggregate of public opinion held by the adult population. Cost constraints often restrict surveys to sample only one or two countries from each continent or focus on only one region. Because of differences among questions, wording, and methods—it is difficult to reliably compare results or to generalize them to opinions held worldwide.

In 2007–2008, the Gallup Poll surveyed individuals from 128 countries in the first comprehensive study of global opinions. The Gallup Organization aggregated opinion from the adult population fifteen years of age and older, either through the telephone or personal interviews, and in both rural and urban areas except in areas where the safety of interviewer was threatened and in scarcely populated islands. Personal interviews were stratified by population size or geography and cluster sampling was achieved through one or more stages. Although error bounds vary, they were all below ±6% with 95% confidence.

Weighting countries to a 2008 World Bank population estimate, sixty-one percent of individuals worldwide were aware of global warming, developed countries more aware than developing, with Africa the least aware. The median of people perceiving it as a threat was 47%. Latin America and developed countries in Asia led the belief that climate change was a result of human activities, while Africa, parts of Asia and the Middle East, and countries from the Former Soviet Union led in the opposite. Awareness often translates to concern, although of those aware, individuals in Europe and developed countries in Asia perceived global warming as a greater threat than others.


Knowing "something" or a "great deal" about global warming when asked "How much do you know about global warming or climate change?"
Caused by human activity 
Responding yes when asked, "Temperature rise is part of global warming or climate change. Do you think rising temperatures are [...] a result of human activities?" Note: the other answer option was "a result of natural causes," but respondents were also allowed to indicate "both" (or "no opinion"). People voting "both" are not included in the numbers.
Perceived as threat 
Responding that global warming is a serious personal threat.

Unless referenced otherwise, all data is from the 2007–2008 Gallup poll mentioned earlier.

CountryAwarenessCaused by
human activity
as threat
 Burkina Faso365234
 Central African Republic565837
 Costa Rica758772
 Czech Republic875239
 Democratic Republic of the Congo535241
 Dominican Republic505246
 El Salvador557551
 Hong Kong937854
 Republic of the Congo415831
 Saudi Arabia493940
 Sierra Leone363124
 South Africa312921
 South Korea939280
 Sri Lanka736365
 Trinidad and Tobago727671
 United Kingdom974869
 United States974963


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