Cleveland Tate Stars

Cleveland Tate Stars
Cleveland, Ohio
League affiliation(s)

The Cleveland Tate Stars were a Negro league baseball team from 1919 through 1923. They played as an independent (non-affiliated) team from 1919 through 1921, and joined the Negro National League in 1922.[1] In their only season as a full-fledged league member, they finished last of eight clubs with a reported 17-29 record in league play.[2]

They returned to independent ball in 1923,[3] loosely associated with the Eastern Colored League, but in August rejoined the NNL as an associate team, finishing with a reported overall record of 13-16-1 against Negro League opponents.[4]

George Tate founded and owned the team, and was its namesake. Candy Jim Taylor was player-manager during the team's early years. The Tate Stars ceased operations after 1923, and were succeeded by the Cleveland Browns in 1924.


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