Civil Aviation Authority (Macau)

Civil Aviation Authority of Macau SAR
民航局, Autoridade de Aviação Civil de Macau
Agency overview
Formed 1987
Jurisdiction Macau
Headquarters 18/F, Cheng Feng Commercial Centre, 336-342, Alameda Dr. Carlos D'Assumpção, Macau
Agency executive
  • Simon Chan Weng Hong, President
  • Vice-President
Parent agency Secretariat for Transport and Public Works (Macau)
Website AACM
Civil Aviation Authority of Macau SAR
Traditional Chinese 澳門特別行政區民航局
Simplified Chinese 澳门特别行政区民航局

Civil Aviation Authority of Macau SAR (CAA, Chinese: 澳門特別行政區民航局, Portuguese: Autoridade de Aviação Civil da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau, AACM) is the Civil Aviation Authority in Macau and responsible for controlling and regulating air traffic an airspace within Macau.

Its head office is on the 18th floor of the Cheng Feng Commercial Centre (誠豐商業中心; 诚丰商业中心; Chéng Fēng Shāngyèzhōngxīn; sing4 fung1 soeng1 jip6 zung1 sam1, Portuguese: Centro Comercial Cheng Feng) in (Cathedral Parish).[1] As of 2013 Simon Chan Weng Hong (陳穎雄; 陈颖雄; Chén Yǐngxióng; can4 wing6 hung4) is the president of the CAA.[2]

The CAAM (or AACM) is a department of the Secretariat for Transport and Public Works (Macau). It was formally created in 1991 to replace the Macau International Airport Office (O Gabinete do Aeroporto Internacional de Macau) created in 1987.[3] Some of the roles of the Airport Office was taken over by the CAM-Macau International Airport Company Limited.

The AACM is headed by the President, who reports to the General Committee (as a member) and the Administrative Committee (as the head).

Like Hong Kong, the CAAM is an independent authority from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The CAAM controls the airspace within Macau.[4] It also investigates aviation accidents and incidents.[5]

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