Circassian cheese

Circassian Cheese
Region Circassia
Source of milk Cow, sheep or goat milk
Pasteurised Depends on variety
Texture Depends on variety
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Circassian cheese (Adyghe: адыгэ Къуае Adyghe pronunciation: [aːdəɣa qʷaːja], Arabic: جبنة شركسيّة, Hebrew: גבינה צ'רקסית Gvina Čerkesit, Russian: Адыгейский сыр Adygeyskiy Syr, Turkish: Çerkes peyniri) is a Circassian cheese found across the North Caucasus, the Levant and other areas with a Circassian diaspora.

Circassian cheese is a mild type of cheese that does not melt when baked or fried, and can be crumbled.

There is an annual festival for the Circassian cheese in Maykop, the capital of the Republic of Adyghea, held during the Circassian cultural festival with participants from different regions in the North Caucasus, competing in producing the best types of the Circassian cheese.[1][2][3]


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