Christian Centre

Christian Centre
Christliche Mitte
Leader Josef Happel
Founded 27 August 1988 (1988-08-27)
Split from Centre Party
Headquarters Liesborn
Ideology National conservatism
Social conservatism
Christian conservatism
Political position Right-wing to far-right

The Christian Centre — For a Germany according to GOD's commandments (German: Christliche Mitte — Für ein Deutschland nach GOTTES Geboten) is a Christian conservative fringe party in Germany. Without parliamentary representation, it is a party that represents strict ultra-conservative Christian values. Unlike the more moderate Party of Bible-abiding Christians, the party's platform overlaps with far-right ideology, emphasising anti-Semitism, national conservatism, anti-pluralism and ethnic collectivism.[1]

In February 2016 the party announced that it would no longer contest elections but instead would focus on political activism.


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