Chingri malai curry

Chingri malai curry
Alternative names Prawn malai curry
Type Curry
Course Main course
Place of origin Bengal
Associated national cuisine India, Bangladesh
Serving temperature Hot
Main ingredients Prawns and coconut milk
Variations Lobster malai curry
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Chingri malai curry (Bengali: চিংড়ি মালাই কারি) also known as Prawn malai curry, is a Bengali curry made from prawns and coconut milk and flavoured with spices.[1] The dish is popular throughout Bengal[2][3] and is served during weddings and celebrations, or for guests,[4] and was also very popular among the British in Calcutta.[5]


The main ingredients are prawns and coconut milk, along with ghee or mustard oil, onions, turmeric powder, chopped green chilli, garlic paste, and ginger paste flavoured with spices.[6]

Lobster malai curry is a variation of this dish.[7]


The hard shells of the prawns are removed and marinated. The prawns are then fried in hot oil along with onion, ginger, garlic, and stirred with turmeric and sugar and salt and coconut milk for a few minutes.[8]

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