Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League

Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey League (Chinese: 中華冰球聯盟, abbreviated as CIHL) is a Taiwanese ice hockey league based out of Taipei, Taiwan. Founded in 2004, it is run by the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation. The league is divided into two divisions: The Open Division for local players and The International Division for foreigners living in Taiwan. The league plays their games every weekend out of the Taipei Arena.

The International Division also assembles an all-star team, the Taiwan Typhoon, to play in various tournaments around Asia each year.

International Division

This league has two distinct divisions. The International Division has nine teams with most players on the teams being foreigners, Canadians being the dominant nationality represented. The teams in the International Division as of the 2008-09 season are the Rhinos, Bears, Tigers, Wolves, Sharks, Lions, Raptors, Dragons and the Mustangs.

The Open Division

The Open Division is more geared towards Taiwanese players, just learning or being relatively new to the game of hockey.


International division

Season Champion Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
2009-10 Bears Tigers
2008-09 Raptors Wolves
2007-08 Sharks Lions Tigers Wolves
2006-07 Bears Tigers Lions Sharks
2005 Sharks Bears Raptors Tigers
2004 Raptors Bears Rhinos Tigers

Open division

Season Champion Runner-up 3rd-place 4th-place
2006-07 Dragons Hornets Killer Whales Leopards
2006 Leopards Hawks Killer Whales Dragons
2004 Hawks Lions Leopards Elephants
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