Chimaek (치맥; from Korean chikin, meaning 'fried chicken', and maekju, meaning 'beer'[1][2]) is a pairing of fried chicken (either basic huraideu or spicy yangnyeom) and beer, served as anju in the evening in many South Korean restaurants,[2] including a number of specialized chains.


From the roasted chicken that appeared in early 1960s to the spicy chicken that was adapted to meet Korean tastes, Korea has imported and developed a growing variety of chicken dishes. At the same time chicken was becoming more popular, a draft beer that appeared in the 1970s also became very popular, and eventually it became common for the two to be combined as a single menu item. Moreover, the 2002 KoreaJapan World Cup triggered the sensation of Chimaek. Chimaek has had a significant impact on Korean drinking culture.[3]

Outside Korea

Chimaek is also popular in China because of the influence of the drama My Love From the Star, in which Cheon Song-i, the heroine, said "A snowy day is just perfect for our Chimaek time ..."; this was the trigger for this phenomenon. Specialty chicken shops have been more numerous in China. Uploading pictures of oneself holding a chicken in one hand and a beer in the other on social networks became a trend.[2][4]

Nowadays, Korea is trying to be reborn as a capital of Chimaek.[5] Chimaek holds a special place between the public and the consumer.[5] In Daegu Metropolitan City, a Chimaek festival was held in 2012.[5] In 2013, a Chimaek festival in Ningbo drew some 400,000 visitors in its first three days.[5]

Bonchon Chicken is a notable chimaek restaurant that has spread around the world.


Chimaek is a profitable franchise. Demand for specialty chicken shops increased with the growing demands for chicken and beer.[4] As of March 2014 Korea had 192 chicken franchise companies. About 10% of companies are known for unique recipes.[5]

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